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Faculty and Staff


Elizabeth Avery

  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Director of Graduate Programs

Sarah Eyerly

  • Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Development
  • Director of the Early Music Program
  • Professor of Musicology

William Fredrickson

  • Associate Dean for Operations
  • Professor of Music Education
  • Co-coordinator of Music Education and Music Therapy

Gregory Jones

  • Associate Dean for Outreach and Engagement


Leon Anderson

  • Professor of Jazz Drum Set

Michael Bakan

  • Professor of Musicology
  • Head of World Music Ensembles Program

Justin Ball

  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Percussion

Scotty Barnhart

  • Associate Professor of Jazz Trumpet

Mark Belfast

  • Assistant Professor of Music Education
  • Assistant Director, Summer Music Camps

Hana Beloglavec

  • Assistant Professor of Trombone

Deborah Bish

  • Associate Professor of Clarinet

Wanda Brister

  • Professor of Voice

Michael Buchler

  • Professor of Music Theory

Kasia Bugaj

  • Associate Professor of String Music Education

Clifton Callender

  • Professor of Composition

Celso Cano

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Guitar

Jane Clendinning

  • Professor of Music Theory

Sarah Hess Cohen

  • Head of Music Library Technical Services & Cataloging
  • University Librarian

Stijn De Cock

  • Associate Professor of Piano

Geoffrey Deibel

  • Associate Professor of Saxophone

Flor del Cielo Hernandez

  • Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

David Detweiler

  • Associate Professor of Jazz Saxophone

Rodney Dorsey

  • Professor of Music
  • Director of FSU Wind Orchestra and Graduate Wind Conducting

Diana Dumlavwalla

  • Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy

Patrick Dunnigan

  • Professor of Music Education
  • Director of Bands

Kevin Fenton

  • Professor of Music Education
  • Director of Undergraduate Choral Studies

Brian Gaber

  • Professor of Commercial Music

Read Gainsford

  • Professor of Piano

Denise Von Glahn

  • Professor of Musicology
  • Coordinator of Musicology
  • Curtis Mayes Orpheus Professor of Musicology

Lori Gooding

  • Associate Professor of Music Therapy
  • Co-coordinator of Music Education and Music Therapy

Julianne Grasso

  • Assistant Professor of Music Theory

Laura Gayle Green

  • Head of the Warren D. Allen Music Library, University Librarian

Dianne Gregory

  • Professor of Music Therapy

Eren Gümrükçüoğlu

  • Assistant Professor of Composition

Frank Gunderson

  • Professor of Musicology

Michael Hanawalt

  • Associate Professor of Music and Director of Graduate Choral Studies

Alisa Hauser

  • Assistant Professor Music Theatre

Matthew Hightower

  • Assistant Professor of Tuba and Euphonium

Jonathan Holden

  • Associate Professor of Clarinet

Dawn Iwamasa

  • Assistant Professor of Music Therapy

Alexander Jiménez

  • Professor of Conducting
  • Director of Orchestral Activities
  • String Area Coordinator

Evan T. Jones

  • Associate Professor of Voice

Evan A. Jones

  • Professor of Music Theory
  • Coordinator of Theory and Composition

Kevin Jones

  • Associate Professor of Jazz Trombone

Rodney Jordan

  • Coordinator of Jazz and Commercial Music
  • Professor of Jazz Bass

David Kalhous

  • Professor of Piano

Jeff Keesecker

  • Professor of Bassoon
  • Coordinator of Winds, Brass, and Percussion

Steve Kelly

  • Professor of Music Education
  • Director of Summer Music Camps

David Knapp

  • Assistant Professor of Music Education

Karen Large

  • Associate Professor of Flute

Jennifer LaRue

  • Postdoctoral Scholar - Musicology

Panayotis League

  • Assistant Professor of Musicology
  • Director of the Center for Music of the Americas

Deloise Lima

  • Specialized Teaching Faculty II, Collaborative Piano

Eduardo López-Dabdoub

  • Specialized Teaching Faculty in Musicology

Rachel Lumsden

  • Associate Professor of Music Theory

Mary Matthews

  • Assistant Professor of Flute

Bernard McDonald

  • Director of Opera and Associate Professor of Opera

Christopher Moore

  • Professor of Trumpet

Megan Mowery

  • Associate Director for Media, Communications, and Marketing
  • Adjunct Professor

Eric Ohlsson

  • Charles O. Delaney Professor of Oboe

David Okerlund

  • Associate Professor of Voice

John Parks

  • Professor of Percussion

William Peterson

  • Professor of Jazz Piano and Music Theory

David Plack

  • Director of Athletic Bands, Specialized Teaching Faculty III

Marcía Porter

  • Professor of Voice
  • Coordinator of Voice and Opera

Arianne Johnson Quinn

  • Assistant Librarian, Head, Manuscripts and College of Music Archivist

Iain Quinn

  • Professor of Organ
  • Coordinator of Sacred Music

Eric Rieger

  • Associate Professor of Voice

Marcus Roberts

  • Associate Professor of Jazz Piano

Nancy Rogers

  • Professor of Music Theory

Pamela Ryan

  • Professor of Viola

Maria Ryan

  • Assistant Professor Musicology

Greg Sauer

  • Professor of Cello

Natalie Sherer

  • Assistant Professor of Vocal Coaching and Collaborative Artist

Sudarat Songsiridej

  • Music Specialist, Music Theatre

George Speed

  • Associate Professor of Double Bass

Jeffrey Springer

  • Associate Professor of Voice

D. Gregory Springer

  • Assistant Professor of Music Education

Michelle Stebleton

  • Professor of Horn

Corinne Stillwell

  • Associate Professor of Violin

Marcy Stonikas

  • Associate Professor of Voice

Michael Strickland

  • Specialized Faculty in Music Technology

Jihye Sung

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

Ben Sung

  • Associate Professor of Violin

Shannon Thomas

  • Associate Professor of Violin

Sahoko Sato Timpone

  • Associate Professor of Voice

Valerie M. Trujillo

  • Professor of Vocal Coaching and Accompanying

Elizabeth Uchimura

  • Assistant Librarian, Music Digital Services & Special Collections Librarian

Liliya Ugay

  • Assistant Professor of Composition

Kimberly VanWeelden

  • Professor of Music Education

Noël Wan

  • Assistant Professor of Harp and Entrepreneurship

Heidi Louise Williams

  • Professor of Piano
  • Coordinator of Keyboard Studies

Li Yeoh

  • Director of the Piano Technology Program
  • Specialized Teaching Faculty I

Ellen Taaffe Zwilich

  • Marie Krafft Distinguished Professor of Composition

Valerie Arsenault

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor - Baroque Ensemble


Jayme Agee

  • Assistant Dean of Development

Avis Berry

  • Music Library & Museum Assistant Supervisor

Chelsea Blomberg

  • Band Office: Administrative Support Assistant

Miles Bozeman

  • Music Library Circulation/Reserves Manager

Julia Matteson Bradley

  • Costume Shop Manager

Robby Bukovic

  • Development Officer

Emily Clark

  • Student Success Coordinator

Reese Cloud

  • Instrument Library & Recital Hall Scheduling

Adrienne DeStefano

  • Assistant Dean of Finance & Administration

Sarah Dugas

  • Music Library Binding & Processing Assistant

Nicole Folkert

  • Accounting Specialist

Erica Francis

  • Executive Support Assistant to the Dean

Andrew Hunt

  • Student Success Coordinator

Joanna Hunt

  • Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Aisha Ivey

  • Undergraduate Advisor

Christian Koller

  • Graduate Academic Program Specialist

Russ Marsh

  • Cultural Arts - Rigging/Carpentry

Michelle McDaniel

  • Assistant Director of Production

Eugene McGuiness

  • Fine Arts Technician

Tiawana Meeks

  • Administrative Support Assistant

Ajit Persaud

  • Administrative Associate

Gwen Saporito-Emler

  • Music Cataloging Specialist

Mike Shapiro

  • Cultural Arts - Audio/Video Engineer

Kim Shively

  • Director of Special Programs

Nick Smith

  • Cultural Arts Specialist

Wendy Smith

  • Publicity and Community Affairs

Kerry Smith

  • Administrative Director - Summer Music Camps

Nicholas Villane

  • Technical Support Analyst

Rachel Ward

  • Undergraduate Advisor

Kristopher Watson

  • Assistant Dean of Admissions and Recruitment
  • Interim Program Director of Arts Administration

Evan Wood

  • Fine Arts Technician