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Liberal Arts in Music

Pursuing a passion for music along with other academic interests.

FSU students participate in a vibrant musical community, offering numerous opportunities to collaborate with a talented and dedicated faculty.

Our faculty use their pedagogical experience and global connections in the music world to provide our students with tools for launching successful careers in their chosen fields. The FSU College of Music creates an enriching environment for our students to explore their diverse interests and personal support to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Curricular Flexibility

Our programs featuring liberal arts study allow students the flexibility to pursue their passion for music along with other academic interests. At the undergraduate level, optional major emphases may be selected in jazz studies, sacred music, or commercial music. Graduate students may pursue a diversity of courses among their elective choices, including studies in commercial music, sacred music, entrepreneurship, or other subjects.

Additional Programs of Study

Students may pursue rigorous training in music, coupled with a double major or substantial coursework in areas of study outside of music.  At the graduate level, the Master of Arts may be completed with a thesis (30-credit) or non-thesis (32-credit) program. The BA degree provides undergraduates the greatest latitude in combining music study with majors or minors in other subjects.

Strong Community

FSU students enjoy the benefits of a large comprehensive music program, as well as personal, nurturing relationships with our full-time residential faculty. Our students develop their individuality as they become part of a close-knit musical family in the FSU College of Music. The FSU College of Music celebrates the accomplishments of its multi-faceted community of gifted students and faculty.

For more information about the Bachelor of Arts in Music program, contact Joanna Hunt; for more information about the Master of Arts in Music program, contact Elizabeth Avery.

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Music (General Emphasis)

Students may combine this degree with other majors or degree programs due to large number of non-music electives included.

Program of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Commercial Music Emphasis)

Students select a minor in either general business, social entrepreneurship, or commercial entrepreneurship.

Program of study includes an internship or directed individual study experience.

Program of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Jazz Emphasis)

Program of study includes jazz history, improvisation, and arranging, as well as non-music electives.

Program of Study

Bachelor of Arts in Music (Sacred Music Emphasis)

Open to keyboard and voice principals only

Program of study includes coursework in religion, as well as in hymnology and a practicum in church music

Program of Study

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Music

Program of study includes a central core of academic and performance coursework, while simultaneously allowing students the flexibility to explore specialized interests as appropriate to their individual needs and aspirations.

Program of Study – Non-Thesis Track

Program of Study – Thesis Track