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Hire a Musician

Hire a world-class musician through the FSU College of Music Student Referral List

The College of Music Publicity Office maintains a referral list of students who are interested in teaching and performing privately.


Request Information

Contact the Publicity Office at and let us know which service you are seeking: accompanists, performers, or teachers, and which instrument (as applicable).


Contact the Musicians

The Publicity Office will respond to your request as quickly as possible with contact information for students who meet your criteria.


Enjoy the Music

Our students and alumni include lauded symphony musicians, international competition winners, and passionate educators. We hope that will you enjoy the experience of working with our students in this way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the FSU College of Music referral list?

The College of Music enjoys connecting qualified, professional musicians with local patrons for special events and educational opportunities. The Publicity Office in the College of Music maintains a database of current students and local alums who have been approved by their primary professors to represent the College in outside activities like teaching, accompanying, and performing. This list is a tremendous resource for the Tallahassee community and a significant source of income for our students.

How does the referral list work?

The Publicity Office referral list functions as a means for potential clients in the Tallahassee area to connect with musicians from the College of Music.

Please note: The referral list is a referral service, not a contracting service. The Publicity Office will not recommend specific students, and does not set rates or determine availability. It is the client’s responsibility to communicate with the students directly to determine which student teacher, musician, or ensemble is the best fit for the client’s music service needs.

Who are the musicians on the referral list?

All musicians on our list are current students at the FSU College of Music or recent graduates who have remained in the area. All students on this list have been pre-approved for outside activities by their primary professors, who are full-time faculty members of the College of Music. The FSU College of Music is one of the top music schools in the nation – all of our student musicians are of professional caliber.

How much do students usually charge?

Students and ensembles set their own fees, which are negotiated between client and musician. Fees may vary depending on the length of lesson or performance, travel, and services required, as well as the number of musicians involved. Please note: our musicians charge standard professional rates. A good ballpark figure is @ $125 per hour, per musician for private performances, or $25 per 30 minute lesson.

Have a question not listed here?

Please contact the College of Music Publicity Office.