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Experiences that last long after the final concert

Camp provides life changing experiences for campers – developing friendships and memories that last a lifetime. FSU Summer Music Camps are an opportunity to try new things, gain independence and confidence, and to take advantage of new opportunities. Campers can choose to attend as an overnight camper or as a day camper.

About Being An

Overnight Camper

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The best way to experience the FSU Summer Music Camps is as an overnight camper. 83% of our campers stay overnight and in 2023 the ratio of male to female campers was 45/55.

Dorm Rooms

All campers stay in a privately-owned dorm called the Southgate Campus Centre. This is not an FSU Dorm (orientation & summer sessions prevent us from using FSU dorms). But Southgate is safe, close to our music buildings, and has a dining hall right inside.  The building is also staffed with a 24-hour security desk in the main lobby.

Each room is only 220 sq. feet. Each room will house three (3) campers.  There is no option to request a private room.

Males are housed on the 2nd floor of the dorm.  Females are housed on the 3rd floor of the dorm.  At some of our larger camps, the 4th floor may be utilized and occasionally will be used as a mixed gender floor.  In these rare cases males and females would be at opposite ends of the same floor.  Rooms are assigned based on the gender that is selected on the camper’s registration form.

Each room has its own bathroom and will contain three beds, two wardrobes for storage, two desks, one overhead ceiling light, a shower curtain and toilet paper. Please don’t expect any bells or whistles! After all, this is camp – and these rooms are certainly a step up from cabins in the woods!

Download a packing list.


All campers will have 2 roommates.  You are able to request 1 or 2 roommates if you know other campers that are attending.  Roommate requests are done after you are registered using the roommate request form that will be provided.

Things to keep in mind when requesting roommates:

  1. You can room with campers that are attending a different camp as long as the camps check-in and check-out on the same days.
  2. All campers involved in the request must submit their own request form so that we see that everyone does want to room together. For example, if Sally, Julie and Mary want to room together, each of them must submit a roommate request form with all three names on it.
  3. Males and females cannot request each other, even if they are siblings.
  4. Roommate assignments are NOT confirmed prior to camp. You will find out your room assignment and roommates at check-in. Every effort will be made to honor your request.

If you don’t have a roommate request, don’t worry! We do room assignments based on age, so we will assign you with two roommates of the same age (+/- 1 year).

Dining Hall and Meals

The dining hall is located on the first floor of the Southgate Campus Centre , and it is set up like a food court/buffet. It will always include a hot entree station and beverage station at all meals. During breakfast, cereals, bagels, English muffins are also available; during lunch and dinner a salad bar, and dessert station are added.  Dining at Southgate is managed by Sodexo and the camps does not have any control over what they offer.  Dining options are subject to change.

“Campers-Choice” food-court style dining can be new for some campers who are use to having meals prepared for them at home. For students who don’t immediately see anything that they like we are sure that there is always something available – from hamburgers & hot dogs, to milk & yogurt.

Three meals per day (beginning with dinner on check-in day) are included for overnight campers.

Campers With Allergies, Dietary Restrictions or Religious Restrictions:

The dining hall prepares all meals without common allergens such as peanut oil, tree nut oil and shellfish.  All food allergies that are indicated on campers’ medical and dining forms will be communicated to the Dining Director of the Southgate Campus Centre.  The family will be provided with instructions for communicating directly with the Dining Director two weeks prior to the start of the camp so that a dining plan can be created. Campers with allergies will also be shown by the dining director how to access their meals during meal times, and can see the dining director anytime if they have questions or concerns.

For non-allergy related dietary and religious restrictions, such as vegetarian, vegan, non-celiac gluten-free, and others: the dining director will try to accommodate those needs where they can. There is a specific dining service area which only serves food without dairy, meat, or gluten.  The extent to which they can provide special meals may not be what is needed for your camper, and the music camps can not control what options will or won’t be available.  The camp office can answer general questions regarding dietary concerns but we may need to refer you to the dining director for more specific information about how the dining hall can meet your needs. Please contact our office if you would like further discuss dining further.

Snacks and Other Meal Options

A camp store will be set up in the dorm which will sell snacks and beverages.  Vending machines are also located in the College of Music and in the dorm.  Campers are able to order food and have it delivered to the dorm if desired.  All of these options would be at the camper’s expense as cash only and are not included with the meal plan.

Other Dorm Facts

There is a camp office located on the 2nd floor of the dorm which is staffed by our counselors from 6am-11pm.  After 11pm there will be an on-duty counselor available for late night emergencies.  Campers can come to the office to sign-up for activities, pick-up packages, purchase items from the camp store, or to get assistance from a counselor.

The dorm has laundry facilities available.  These machines use debit cards or quarters. There is time during the two-week camps to do laundry on the weekend.  The average cost of a load of laundry (washing & drying) is $3.00.

A camp store will be set up in the dorm office to sell snacks and beverages. This store accepts cash only.

Overnight campers who drive themselves to camp do NOT need to purchase a parking permit. Students will receive a free parking permit for the Southgate Parking Garage where they may leave their car for the duration of camp. Students are not allowed to drive during camp and will need to turn in their keys to the dorm staff upon arrival.

Extra Nights of Housing

We offer extra nights of housing in the dorm to help accommodate travel plans, and for campers who are attending multiple weeks of camp and want to stay on campus during the night in-between.

Extra nights are $75.00/night and include the extra housing, all extra meals, and supervision.


Extra nights are limited to one night before and/or one night after camp starts and ends.

Extra nights are NOT available:

  • before June 9: Campers at Choral Ensemble Camp and Jazz Camp cannot book an extra night before the start of camp. The earliest these campers can arrive is at the scheduled check-in on June 9.
  • after July 6. Campers at Middle School Band Camp can not book an extra night at the end of camp. All campers must depart after the performance on July 6.

An extra night in the dorm is required:

  • if you are arriving the day before your camp check-in.  Please note that extra nights are not intended to be used only when truly necessary because of travel plan restrictions.  Do not arrive early because you want first pick of a mattress, or to explore Tallahassee.  If you are arriving the day before your scheduled check-in, you can not check-in until after 4pm (we will have campers checking out and your room will not be available before that).  For the best camp experience, we encourage you to check-in during the scheduled check-in time period.
  • if you are arriving between midnight and 8am on the day of camp check-in
  • if you are departing the day after check-out
  • if you are attending consecutive sessions and need to stay in the dorm on the night in-between the two sessions.
How To Order Extra Housing
  • You can add the extra night(s) when you register, or add it to your account online at any time before camp begins.
Camper Rules

Your camp handbook will go over all of the rules and expectation at camp.  As part of your required camp forms, all families must agree to the Camper Conduct Agreement.

About Being A

Day Camper

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Day Campers must be staying at home or in the Tallahassee area with a parent/guardian over the age of 21. Day campers are required to attend all rehearsals, performances, and classes and should plan to attend camp daily from 8:00am-5:00pm and some evenings from 7:00pm-9:30pm if there are required music activities after dinner.

Daily Drop Off & Pick Up

The following information is for day campers at all camps except Elementary Music Day Camp and Marching Band Leadership and Color Guard Camp.  Day Campers at those two camps should follow the specific instructions in those handbooks.

Morning drop-off

Daily drop-off begins at 7:30am at the College of Music breezeway.  Classes will start promptly at 8:00am.

Afternoon pick-up

Afternoon pick up is at 5:00pm at the College of Music breezeway.

Dining Options

No meal plan is included for day campers.  Day campers can choose to purchase dining package(s) which allows you to eat in the cafeteria with the overnight campers, or to bring lunch and eat in a designated area at the College of Music.  Food from home is not permitted to be brought into the cafeteria due to health regulations.

  • Lunch Package ($35.00 / non-refundable) includes 5 lunches to be used Monday – Friday.
  • Dinner Package ($35.00 / non-refundable) includes 5 dinners to be used Monday – Friday.
    *Dinner package for Marching Band Leadership Camp is $27.00 and includes 4 dinners to be used Monday – Thursday.*
  • Lunch & Dinner Package ($70.00 / non-refundable) includes 10 meals (5 lunch / 5 dinners) to be used Monday – Friday.
    *Package for Marching Band Leadership Camp  is $63.00 and includes 9 meals (5 lunch/ 4 dinners) to be used Monday – Thursday.

**Lunch and dinner packages are non-refundable once purchased**

Deadline to purchase meal packages is the Wednesday before your camp check-in.

You can read more about the Dining Hall can be found above under the Overnight Campers section.

Parking Options

University Lots are available for parking on weekdays AFTER 10pm and all day Saturday and Sunday. All other times require permits.  Details about where to park for check-in and concerts will be provided in the handbook.

Day campers who will be dropped-off each morning, and picked-up each afternoon do not need any kind of permit.

Day-campers driving themselves to camp each day should purchase an FSU camp parking permit .  This parking permit will allow for you to park in any un-gated Faculty/Staff/Student parking spot on campus.  That includes the Palm Court Parking Lot, the Call Street Garage, and the campus lots near the Marching Chiefs practice fields.  Camp parking permits are available for purchase in your Active camp account.  You can purchase them during registration or after you have registered but no later than MAY 30 for June camps, or JUNE 12 for JULY CAMPS.   Parking permits are $TBA/week.   Parking permits are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Camper Rules

Your camp handbook will go over all of the rules and expectation at camp.  As part of your required camp forms, all families must agree to the Camper Conduct Agreement.