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84 summers have given us lots of experience in caring for your young musician

Campers are well supervised during their time at FSU by our staff of counselors, administrators, and instructors. Our counselors are always on hand to assist and provide guidance, and they are trained to help with homesickness and other issues that might arise at camp.


Day Counselors

Day counselors are with the campers while they attend classes during the day and also participate in some of the weekend and evening recreation activities. These counselors are primarily undergraduate College of Music students and are a great resource for campers that want to know more about what it’s like to be a student at FSU.  Day Counselors are available to assist with anything the campers need; from forgotten items and finding classrooms, to pep-talks and snacks.  Day Counselors can be found at the Help Desk in the Housewright Music Building and at Satellite Help Desks throughout the other classroom buildings.

Night Counselors

Our resident staff of night counselors supervises the students whenever they are at the dorm.  Counselors are primarily upper-level undergraduate, graduate level FSU College of Music students, or FSU Alumni.  Overnight campers are assigned a night counselor who oversees their room and approximately 4 other rooms.  The average ratio of students to counselors is 14:1.  Night counselors go to all recreation and evening activities with the campers, and the dorm office is staffed by a night counselor from 6am-2am. Night counselors reside in the dorms with the campers.

Safety Measures

All of our camp staff (including counselors, administrators and instructional staff) have completed a Level II background check through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement which includes fingerprinting.

Campers are not permitted to be anywhere on campus unsupervised.  Campers are walked as a group by counselors between the music building and the dorm.  Counselors are present in the music building, in the dorm, and at all camp activities.  Campers may not go exploring on the FSU campus on their own – all activities that take place anywhere on campus are supervised.

Other safety measures include:

  • The FSU Campus is equipped with state-of-the-art emergency notification and response systems including the new  SeminoleSAFE app.
  • The Southgate Campus Center is manned with a 24-hour security desk.
  • Campers may only be signed out from camp by their parents or persons over the age of 18 that the camper’s parents have given written permission for in advance. A sign-out permission form is included in your Supplemental Camp Forms after you are registered.
  • Overnight students that drive themselves to camp are required to turn in their keys upon check-in and are not permitted to drive for the duration of camp.
  • Day campers who drive themselves to camp are not permitted to transport other campers in their vehicles.