All-State & Tri-State Discounts

It was fun and now you get a discount!  Win - Win.


what is The ALL-STATE / TRI-STATE Discount?

If you attended one of the following events as a member of one of the event ensembles AND your name appears in the event program, you are eligible to apply for a discount:

  • 2020 Florida All-State Conference in Tampa, FL
  • 2019 FSU Tri-State Festival

The discount amounts are:

  • $50.00 off of select camps that are 5 or 6 nights
  • $100.00 off of select camps that are 7 nights or more
Camp Name Award Amount Promo Code To Use During Registration
Band Camp for Senior High $100.00 EVENT100
Band Camp for Middle School $50.00 EVENT50
Choral Ensemble Camp $50.00 EVENT50
Guitar Camp $50.00 EVENT50
Jazz Ensemble for Senior High $50.00 EVENT50
Jazz Ensemble for Middle School $50.00 EVENT50
Piano Camp $50.00 EVENT50
Piano Institute $100.00 EVENT100
String Orchestra Camp $100.00 EVENT100


  1. This discount can be used for ONE CAMP ONLY.
    For example: if you go to All-State and you are coming to our Band Camp for Senior High and our Jazz Ensemble Camp for Senior High, you can only apply the All-State Discount to ONE of those two camps. 
  2. You must attend camp on the same instrument that you played at the event.
    For example: if you go to All-State for Chorus but you're coming to Band Camp, then it does not count.  If you played sax at All-State, but you're coming to camp on Trumpet, it does not count.
  3. The Event Discount is awarded on a first-come, first-serve basis during the application window of January 13 - May 1, 2020.
    There is a limited amount of funding for this discount, and therefore, funding may be depleted before the May 1 cut off. This discount is not guaranteed just because you attended the event. 
  4. Campers are eligible to receive a total of two (2) discounts per camp. For example:  you can get the Early Bird and the All-State Discount. You can get the All-State Discount and an Achievement Discount. You can NOT receive the Early Bird, the All-State and an Achievement Discount.

How Do I get the Discount?

You will need to use a promo code when you are registering for camp. No separate application is required.  This is how it will work:

When you are registering for camp, enter the promo code for your camp (listed above) to get your discount.   That's it!

  • Once we receive your registration information we will confirm your participation at Florida All-State or FSU Tri-State from our participant lists.  If there is any question about your participation we will contact you.  You may be asked to provide proof of your participation if you do not appear on our participant lists; proof would be in the form of a copy of your name tag from the event, or a copy of the page in the concert program showing you as a performer.  If you do not appear on our participate lists, and can not produce evidence of your participation, then the discount will be removed from your account.

You will only be able to use one promo code during registration.  If you are also applying for an FSU Faculty/Staff Discount, you will need to contact our office directly after registration so that we can manually apply those promo codes to your account. 

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