Commercial Music

brian Gaber - Professor of Contemporary Media

The music industry benefits enormously from the diverse skills of creative, proficient musicians.

The Commercial Music program combines the core content of a traditional music degree in connection with coursework offered through the College of Business. Through this plan, students earn a Bachelor of Arts in Music degree as well as a minor in Business. In addition to the traditional music curriculum, students take courses in music recording and production, and explore the workings of the modern music industry. Elective courses may include film scoring and entrepreneurship. While students are studying the technical aspects of music production and developing business skills, they are also acquiring broad-based skills in the liberal arts that are highly valued among today's employers.

As a capstone experience, students spend a semester interning in an area that suits their interests and future plans. These are varied and have included opportunities with major recording studios in New York, Nashville, and Los Angeles, record labels, publishers, licensing agencies, and artist management agencies.


Degree Programs

Includes a Minor in Business



Facilities and Equipment

The College of Music continues to invest in state-of-the art equipment for the commercial music program.


Ensemble Opportunities

With over 500 concerts a year, everyday is a good day to visit.


internship Opportunities

Students explore a range of training opportunities in the community, across the state, and around the country.

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