December 5

This annual event is designed to provide rewarding musical experiences for high school band students and their directors.

The dates for the 2019 Tri-State Festival are Thursday, December 5th thru Sunday, December 8th on the campus of Florida State University.
Each year the festival features nationally and internationally renowned guest conductors and FSU music faculty in an intensive schedule of rehearsals, masterclasses, professional clinics, and concerts.

Conductors for the 2019 festival are:
Beth Peterson – University of Illinois
Steve Peterson – University of Illinois
Patrick Carney – Limestone University
David Gregory – Reinhardt University, retired
Ollie Liddell (Jazz) – Memphis Central High School

Student Registration - Now CLOSED

Students accepted to Tri-State should complete their online registration immediately. The Student Release Form, as well as your registration fee for Tri-State, must be received at FSU no later than Monday, November 4th.

Failure to complete any portion of registration (online registration, Student Release Form, and payment) by Monday, November 4th will result in loss of your spot in the Tri-State Festival.

How to nominate a student (For Band Directors Only) - (Nominations Closed)

  • Only directors may nominate a student.
  • Students must be in 11th or 12th grade to participate.
  • You will need to complete a separate nomination for each student.
  • Nominations are due online no later than Friday, October 4th.

When nominating more than one student, you must “rank” them by order, and you cannot duplicate numbers.  For instance, if you are nominating five students, you should rank them on their nomination form in the order for which you would like them to be considered, so that your “top” student is number 1, next is number 2, etc.  If you duplicate a number, such as nominating more than one student as number “1” for your school, it will cause problems with the software that we use to organize the information for this event.  In the past we have had problems with students being left out of the festival because of the glitch this causes.  Please be aware of this as you nominate students so that we can avoid any mistakes.

  • Honors Jazz Ensemble audition recordings are due by Friday, October 4th.  These auditions should be both audio and video recorded.  Please send these electronically to  Audition excerpts will be available September 3rd on the website under the link titled “Honors Jazz Ensemble.”
  • Concert Band students will complete an audition on the FSU Campus on the first day of the Tri-State Festival.

You will be notified of acceptance by mid-October, and at that point you or your students will need to complete two steps to be registered: 1) visit the website again to complete registration (a new “registration” link will be added to the website at that time), and 2) mail in payment (by school or individually.)  Students are not officially registered until the registration is completed on the website and their payment has been received. 

Registration Prices

Registration Prices for the 2019 Tri-State Festival are as follows:

  • $275.00 for overnight students
  • $220.00 for local students

Prices include the following:

  • Hotel Lodging (for overnight students)- Double Tree Downtown, Tallahassee
  • Transportation during the festival timeline
  • All meals during the festival timeline
  • The Tri-State Banquet
  • Music Costs 
  • T-Shirt
  • All instructional costs- directors, conductors, and masterclasses 
  • Recording of Concerts

Directors will be notified of accepted students in early/mid-October. Registration will open up in early/mid-October.

2019 Tri-State Conducting Clinic Application Information

Now accepting applications for participation in the 2019 Tri-State Conducting Clinic!

This clinic is open to all Band Directors attending the Tri-State Music Festival. Selected participants will conduct the FSU Wind Orchestra and received feedback from Professor Richard Clary, Senior Wind Band Conductor at FSU.

We will accept 3-4 participants.

HOW TO APPLY: Please send a short resume and summary of formal conducting studies via email to Professor Richard Clary at

Honors Jazz Ensemble Audition Information

  • Auditions should be a video recording (visibly showing the student playing the audition requirements). The quality does not have to be the highest professional grade, but does need to have a clear picture and sound.
  • Video recorded auditions should be emailed to
  • Video recorded auditions should be in MP4 format
  • Make sure to include in the email the NAME, SCHOOL, BAND DIRECTOR NAME, and CONTACT INFO (email, phone number) of the student auditioning
  • STRING BASS AUDITIONS are also asked to record and submit the following scales along with the audition excerpts:
    •  C Major two octave, quarter note = 130 
    • Bb Major two octave, quarter note = 130 
    • Gb Major two octave, quarter note = 130
  • Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone, Guitar, Drums, and Piano only need to record and submit the excerpts listed on the Tri-State Website
  • FOR DRUMSET AUDITIONS please record the following in addition to the audition excerpt
    • Swing time playing at Quarter note = 90, 120, and 240
    • Samba (with random fills) - any tempo
    • 12/8 Afro-Cuban (with random fills) - any tempo
    • Rock Groove (with random fills) - any tempo
    • Funk Groove (with random fills) - any tempo
    • (1) Rudimental Snare Drum Etude (your choice)

Contact Us

Band Office Phone - 850-644-3507
Brandon Meeks - Tri-State Administrator
Victoria Warnet - Assistant Tri-State Administrator

Audition Excerpts

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