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Our graduates are employed by many arts organizations, businesses, and universities.

This program provides advanced, graduate level training in piano technology and develops students' experiences within one of the most comprehensive music colleges in the country. The program of studies occurs within this specialized academic environment, while at the same time encourages students to take advantage of broad course offerings in a liberal arts approach. Worldwide, opportunities for formalized piano technology training are scarce. The Master of Arts with emphasis in Piano Technology at Florida State University is unique; it is specialized and answers this need.
  • The Master of Arts with an emphasis in Piano Technology requires a commitment of four semesters and 32 graduate course credits. Candidates will hold a prior undergraduate degree in music; in addition, the completion of a Certificate in Piano Technology at a residence school is highly preferred.
  • Students work in an ideal laboratory: tuning, preparing, and working with an instrument inventory of 240 pianos, 4 harpsichords, 2 clavichords, 1 fortepiano, and a continuo organ - all in constant use by faculty and students in the studio and on the concert stage. Students gain valuable experience in concert tuning, historical instrument tuning (see image gallery section), and are exposed daily to a wide variety of repair and restoration situations. This kind of concentrated experience is not readily available outside a large institution.
  • Candidates interact regularly with faculty, students, and guest artists. Each time a candidate interacts with a performer, he/she further develops the unique communication skills required for success within the "triangle" of artist, instrument, and technician. Candidates receive instant feedback from performers of all levels as they work through individualized projects - projects that are not only assigned by the program director, but which are often initiated by the students themselves.
  • Advanced study within the program includes action geometry analysis, diagnostics, and resolution; concert voicing; and restoration techniques (see image gallery section). The broad course offerings within the program encourage these musician/technicians to continue their musical study through applied lessons, ensembles, and other coursework.
  • Our graduate students benefit from the considerable talents of resident College of Music faculty members, along with guest clinicians from across the country.
  • The assistantship stipend associated with this program provides an added incentive for application to this unique and highly selective graduate program. It also affords the student the unusual opportunity to directly apply their current and developing professional talents to the day-to-day operations of a large music school.

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