Arts Administration

KAREN MUNNELLY - director for Graduate Arts Administration

Preparing students for leadership roles in designing, implementing, and managing arts activities.

Heather Mayo (class of 2012), Assistant Director of Production and Community Engagement

The mission of The Florida State University program in Arts Administration is to provide an education in arts management and leadership. It is based on a strong foundation in the arts (music) and in the context of increasing social, technological, and economic change. The program stresses the premise that art, education, and administration combined make a significant contribution to the total human endeavor. It is designed for students who seek administrative or management positions with such organizations as arts centers, symphony orchestras, opera companies, choruses, museums, government and private arts agencies, community arts programs, and arts councils.

The Master of Arts in Arts Administration is offered to candidates in preparation for roles as leaders in designing, implementing, and managing arts activities. Each student, in consultation with the program director, chooses core and elective courses which best suit his/her goals for the future. In addition to their work in the classroom, Arts Administration students engage in service learning experiences and 400 hours of professional internship. These practical experiences enable students to apply their study of nonprofit management theory and develop the skills needed for success in the professional world, resulting in a high success rate of job placement after graduation.

*Please note: Florida State University offers two Masters of Arts in Arts Administration programs:

  • Arts Administration/Music is offered through the College of Music and is designed specifically for individuals with a prior degree in Music
  • Arts Administration/Art is offered through the College of Fine Arts, Department of Art Education and is open to individuals with a prior degree in Art, Arts Education, Arts Administration, or Performing Arts.

The programs do intermingle and students will often take classes both in the College of Fine Arts and the College of Music. When applying, please be sure to select the appropriate program for your particular interests and background. 


Degree Programs

Specialized Studies Program
- Arts Administration *
* - For degree-seeking College of Music students only


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