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NICU-MT Certificate

Why obtain your NICU-MT Certificate?

The treatment and medical care of infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a specialized area that benefits from those who have had the advantage of specific, evidence-based training and education within the NICU setting. The NICU-MT Certificate provides a unique experience comprised of three training components. Together the NICU-MT class, hands on clinical fieldwork, readings, and final exam equip participants to confidently apply targeted music therapy interventions for infants and families in the NICU.

Cost and Benefits

NICU-MT Class$2108
Clinical Fieldwork$250 + travel costs and training site personal clearances16
Readings & Exams$506

How to acquire your NICU-MT Certificate?



Our eight-hour NICU-MT class begins with a strong foundational overview of infant development beginning from the 3rd trimester. With an emphasis on safe and effective infant stimulation, as well as a thorough review of literature that emphasizes the incredible benefits of music therapy from birth to childhood.

Upcoming Virtual NICU-MT Class
September 16 & 17, 2022

Clinical Fieldwork

During our two-day clinical fieldwork, participants will be trained on the compelling step-by-step hands-on application of Multimodal Neurologic Enhancement and of the Pacifier Activated Lullaby (PAL®). Our program combines resources for program development, familial support, infants with NAS, and individualized feedback pertaining to participant’s specific needs or interests.

Applications can be sent to
Processing takes an average of two weeks.

Clinical Fieldwork Application

Upcoming Opportunities

Date Location Deadline
February 3-4 Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare January 1st
March 3-4 University of Missouri Women and Children’s Hospital January 28th
March 31 – April 1 Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare February 28th
April 21-22 Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando March 18th
May 12-13 Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare April 12th
June 16-17 University of Missouri Women and Children’s Hospital May 13th
July 21-22 Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare May 21st
August 4-5 Nemours Children’s Hospital Orlando July 1st
August 18-19 University of Missouri Women and Children’s Hospital July 15th
September 29-30 Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare August 29th
October 13-14 University of Missouri Women and Children’s Hospital September 9th
November 3-4 Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare October 3rd



Readings & Final Exam

Now having completed both the NICU-MT class and clinical fieldwork, the final step will be to review the provided training materials for successful completion of a final exam. Passing of this exam will result in a certificate of completion, addition of your name to our Master Registry, and the earned designation of NICU-MT.

If you are eligible to take the final exam, please email for more information.