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Financial Assistance

Undergraduate Music Scholarships

College of Music Undergraduate Scholarships

College of Music financial assistance is available in the form of Undergraduate Music Scholarships and Out-of-State Tuition Waivers. These annual scholarship awards are normally renewable provided satisfactory academic and musical progress is demonstrated.

College of Music scholarship assistance ranges from $500 to $3,000 per academic year and is available to undergraduate applicants who demonstrate superior musical ability. Talented non-Florida students may also qualify for a partial waiver of out-of-state tuition (maximum out-of-state award is $8,000 per year). At the time of the admissions audition, new students are recommended for College of Music scholarship assistance by the Applied Music Faculty. Since all applicants are considered for a scholarship when they audition, no College of Music scholarship application is needed. Applicants should check deadlines for scholarship auditions, however.

The College of Music adheres to the code of ethics of the  National Association of Schools of Music. A transfer applicant from a senior college or university cannot be considered for financial aid for the first semester in residency at FSU without the approval of the institution from which the transfer is made.

Out-of-State Tuition Reduction Scholarship

In addition to traditional Music Scholarships and Out-of-State Tuition Waivers, FSU offers a tuition reduction scholarship for out-of-state undergraduate students. This competitive scholarship is open to all majors, but is guaranteed for all out-of-state students who are admitted as music majors for Summer or Fall 2017. The exact amount of the scholarship will depend upon the students’ course loads and the cost of tuition as set annually by the Florida Legislature and the Florida State University Board of Trustees; however, the tuition reduction will typically result in out-of-state students paying about 2/3 the “normal” rate for tuition. Our intent is that this scholarship will bring down the cost of attending FSU much closer to what students would pay to attend institutions in their home states.

Work Study

For students who have been awarded College Work Study through the FSU Office of Financial Aid, the College of Music offers a variety of work opportunities. Work Study students provide general office assistance in a variety of College of Music administrative offices and are also employed as recital assistants, research assistants, and computer technicians. Work Study students interested in working for the College of Music should contact Office of Student Success, HMU 203, 644-6105 no later than the second week of class.

Whether or not a student has been awarded Work Study through the Office of Financial Aid, working in the College of Music part-time might be possible. The following offices in the College of Music often hire students. If interested, please contact them directly.

Contacts for Work Study:

Jennie CarpenterOffice AssistantHMU 204644-3424
Michelle McDanielStage ManagementRDCH644-2043
Reese CloudAsst. Instrument Library/LockersHMU 112644-2272
Tiawana MeeksOffice AssistantHMU 202D644-4649
Michael StricklandMusic Technology Resource Center (Computer Lab)KMU 210644-5788
Laura Gayle GreenLibrary AssistantMusic Library644-5028
Office of Student SuccessOffice AssistantHMU 203644-4689
Nick SmithStage ManagementKMU 399644-5486
Adrienne DeStefano Fiscal Office AssistantKRB 212644-6572
Dianne GregoryAudio/Visual Technician (Federal Financial Aid Work Study Only)KMU 043A644-6572
Kristopher WatsonMusic AdmissionsHMU 236644-6102

Student Employment Opportunities