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Reservation & Contacts

Our halls support the academic mission of the College as premier acoustic music performance venues and play a crucial academic role in the education of Florida State University College of Music students. Scheduling priority for each hall is given first to acoustic musical events involving College of Music faculty and / or students as performing artists. Secondary priority is reserved for other University-sponsored acoustic musical events, followed by other non-music programming sponsored by units within Florida State University.

In addition, the College of Music’s performance halls may be scheduled for other outside events at the discretion of the College. Such scheduling will be dependent on the availability of space, personnel, and other institutional resources. Priority will be given to those events that have the greatest potential benefit to College of Music students and faculty, the University as a whole, the State of Florida, and the broader Tallahassee community.

For inquiries for Ruby Diamond Concert Hall and Opperman Music Hall contact us 850-644-5541.

For inquires about all other recital halls contact us at 850-644-2705.

Rehearsal Spaces and classrooms are available by reservation to College of Music students, faculty and staff. To reserve a classroom or rehearsal space or to report a building maintenance issue please contact Tiawana Meeks at 850-644-4649.

Reese Cloud
General Hall Reservations
HMU 112

RDCH and OMH Reservations

Tiawana Meeks
Room Reservations and Building Maintenance
202C HMU