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Finale in V-Lab

Steps to Use Finale in V-Lab


What is Virtual Lab (V-Lab)?

V-Lab is a service that allows you to access a virtual computer though your web browser. This can make it possible to use programs that you may not have on your computer.


Go to V-Lab

Browse to to open the FSU virtual lab. Login with your FSU account. Click on the Apps to view Finale and many other available applications.


Open Finale

In the Apps tab click on the Finale icon and Finale will open in a new tab on your browser. It will appear as a full computer screen inside your browser with Finale running.


Inputting Music Notes

Midi keyboards will not work using V-Lab. You can use your computer keyboard to input notes by pressing the letter names of the notes.

Securing Your Files

If you try to save your project through the V-lab interface, your project will end up on the virtual server. To save a project to your local machine and upload it back to V-lab, there are some extra steps that you need to know about.


Saving Your Project

To save your project on your local machine, click on File, select Save As and under This PC select Save to my device. Name the file and press Save.


Uploading Your Project

Click on  and select Upload. In the file browser, select your previously saved Finale file and click Open. Then, choose the document folder under This Computer and click open.


Opening Your Saved Project

In Finale, under File, click Open. Choose the document folder that you had uploaded to and click Open.


Questions and Shortcuts

A list of shortcuts can be found here. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at