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FSU Students Win Positions in FMEA Intercollegiate Band

Florida State University College of Music Celebrates Ten Students Selected for FMEA Intercollegiate Band

The Florida State University College of Music is proud to announce that ten of our outstanding students have been selected to participate in the prestigious Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) Intercollegiate Band. This recognition underscores the exceptional musical talent and dedication to excellence exhibited by these individuals.

The following students from the Florida State University College of Music have earned a coveted spot in the FMEA Intercollegiate Band:

• Isabelle Rodriguez (flute)
• Sarah Ward (oboe)
• Haley O’Neill (oboe)
• Zac Martin (bassoon)
• Sadie Murray (clarinet)
• Reymon Contrera Brito (clarinet)
• Evan Blitzer (saxophone)
• Adam Agonoy (horn)
• Isaac Roman (horn)
• Mateo Bultrago (trombone)

This remarkable achievement reflects not only the individual musicianship of each student but also the high standard of musical education and training provided by the Florida State University College of Music. No other school had more students selected than FSU.

The Intercollegiate Band, organized by FMEA, is a platform that brings together top collegiate musicians from across the state, providing them with a unique opportunity to collaborate and showcase their talents in a professional setting.

The selected students underwent a rigorous audition process, competing against their peers from various institutions. Their selection for the FMEA Intercollegiate Band is a testament to their exceptional skill, dedication, and passion for music.

Evan Blitzer, a saxophonist in the ensemble, shared his excitement, saying, “It’s an honor to be selected to perform with the Intercollegiate band! Over the years, I’ve watched the all state bands perform, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to participate and meet new people.”

Trombonist Mateo Bultrago reflected on his FMEA experience, stating, “I have been involved with FMEA for the last 6 years both as an All-State student and as a collegiate member. It is my absolute favorite weekend of the year!”

The Florida Music Educators Association Convention takes place from January 10-13, 2024 at the Tampa Convention Center, bringing together the finest collegiate musicians, and music educators for a memorable performance by the FMEA Intercollegiate Band. The All-State Intercollegiate Band will perform on Friday, January 12, at 9:15 pm in the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

The Florida State University College of Music extends its congratulations to Isabelle Rodriguez, Sarah Ward, Haley O’Neill, Zac Martin, Sadie Murray, Reymon Contrera Brito, Evan Blitzer, Adam Agonoy, Isaac Roman, and Mateo Bultrago on this outstanding accomplishment.

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