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University Singers: “Wonder That Flows Without End”

Florida State University’s top choral ensemble, the University Singers, is set to premiere their 2023 fall concert, “Wonder That Flows Without End,” on November 11 at 7:30 p.m. in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.

Conducted by Dr. Kevin Fenton, the University Singers is FSU’s premiere choral ensemble.

Central to this concert will be Isaac Knots’s Coming Home, arranged by John Haas and featuring soloists Gabriella Berrios and Achsah Martin. This piece is based on the rap-musical adaptation of the classic novel Little Women and features the characters Beth and Jo.

“This piece is particularly exciting,” Fenton states, “because it features two singers in the beginning stages of learning how to rap, both of whom have received coaching from the composer over Zoom.”

Another central piece is John Hass’s arraignment of I Lived by One Republic. While arranging this piece, Fenton asked Hass to keep choir member and percussionist Shiloh DeFabia “in mind.” The University Singers are also performing Tchaka by Sydney Guillaume. Based on a celebration, Tchaka, as Fenton explains, is a communal stew made with ingredients provided by members of the community.

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