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Focus, refresh, explore!

Greetings and thank you for reading!

Do you have a favorite environment for reading or studying? What makes you feel comfortable and yet energized to work? Or perhaps you’d like a place to relax and take a quick trip through socials before heading to class or the practice room?

Thanks to funding procured by Dean Queen, we’ve been able to refresh your library space and create a more comfortable and flexible environment. 

Our computer setups include iMacs and “bring your own” stations in addition to the PCs. What are the “bring your own” stations? You can bring your own laptop and connect to a second monitor and external keyboard and mouse with a USB-C connection. The USB-C will also provide power to your laptop. If your laptop does not have a USB-C port, you can use the HDMI connection to provide a second monitor.

We also have wireless charging pads in the computer areas to quickly charge QI/wireless charging enabled phones and earbuds.

Perhaps you just want to sit at a table and spread out your (score) reading and research materials? Our guitar pick-shaped tables allow for spreading out your materials and yet closer collaboration with colleagues. 

And then there are these comfy chairs with footrests, located near the window in the east alcove on the upper floor of the library. Left- and right-handed desk options are available.

One of the challenges in our facility is that a 1979 building doesn’t have nearly enough power outlets to support 2022 computing. We have portable charger units you can check out at the Allen Music Library circulation desk and use in the library. These units have USB-A and USB-C connections for flexible and fast charging.

Are you excited about our refreshed environment? We hope so. We look forward to seeing you in the Allen Music Library! We’re here for YOU!

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