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Music Minor

Providing opportunities to explore music as part of your collegiate studies.

University Symphonic Band

Providing opportunities to explore music as a secondary aspect of your collegiate studies.

Pursuing a minor in Music allows students to deepen their knowledge of music, as well as further develop their performing skills. Since many other majors as FSU (such as English, Political Science, etc.) require completion of a self-selected minor, students wishing to continue their studies in music may pair a music minor with their chosen major outside of the College of Music. In some cases, students completing the music minor opt to pursue a music major instead, and they are usually able to transition seamlessly from one to the other.

Admission to the program requires an application and successful audition. Students will complete a minimum of 25 hours of specified coursework in the following areas: Applied Music, Music Theory, Music History/Literature, Ensemble, and Student Recital Attendance.


For more information about the Music minor, contact Joanna Hunt.

Undergraduate Programs

Music Minor

Admission to the program is:

  1. By approval of the College of Music
  2. By a placement audition at the Principal Level on an acceptable instrument or voice.


Applied Music 4
MV(B,K,P,S,V,W) 1211 – 1216 Applied Music Secondary. Students must enroll in Applied Music for a minimum of two full semesters on the instrument (or voice) on which they auditioned.
Music Theory
MUT 1111-1112 Basic Theory [3-3] 6
MUT 1241-1242 Sightsinging [1-1] 2
MUT 2116 Basic Theory [3] 3
MUT 2246 Sightsinging [l] 1
Music History and Literature
MUL 2110 Survey of Music Literature [2] 2
MUH 2512 Music Cultures of the World [2] 2
MUH 3211 Survey of Music History I [3]

(prerequisite:MUL 2110 and MUH 2512)

-OR- 3
MUH 3212 Survey of Music History II [3]

(prerequisite: MUH 3211 or by permission of the Music History area coordinator or Undergraduate Program Director.)

Ensembles 2
Student Recital Attendance 0
MUS 1010 [0]

(two semesters of successful completion with a grade of “S”)