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Online Auditions

Creating an Online Audition Process Using Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams For Auditions

Teams is a great tool to allow a group of judges to view online auditions in a single location. To install Teams, log into with your FSUID and select Teams to launch the web version. In the top-right corner, click your profile picture.

Select Download the desktop app.


Creating A New Team

Launch the desktop version of Teams.
Click Join or create team.
Select Create team.

You will be asked to choose a template for your team. Choose Other and give the team a name.


Adding Judges To The Team

Next we need to add judges to your team so they can view the auditions.

You can add team members when you create a team, or you can do so later by clicking the ellipses icon next to your team name and selecting Add member.


Creating Your Audition Process

The best way to collect auditions is to make a shared form for your team to view. Below the search bar, click the plus sign iconto add a new file to your team.
Select Forms. Next click Create a shared form, give the form a name, and click Save. Your new form will appear below the search bar.


The Audition Process

You are going to need to collect some basic information from candidates such as their name, their instrument, and the video(s) of their audition.

To do this, go to your audition form, click Add new, and choose the format for the question.


Distributing Your Audition

Once your audition process has been created and your judges have been added, click the share icon in the top-right corner of your form’s page.

Select Anyone with the link can respond from the drop-down menu.


Viewing Submitted Auditions

Your team can view the submitted audition forms at any time by going to your form’s page underneath the search bar and selecting the Responses tab.
Once submissions start coming in, you will be able to see view text responses by clicking More Details underneath each question.


Any Questions?

If you would like to know more, or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us:

Audition Videos

While it is intuitive to include a File Upload question to view audition videos, you cannot share File Uploads with anyone other than FSU faculty and staff. Instead, use Text Response questions that ask the candidate to copy and paste a URL to a private YouTube video of their audition.