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Living-Learning Community

What is the Music Living-Learning Community?

We started with historic Cawthon Hall…

a beautiful campus landmark, just a two-minute walk from the College of Music and right across the street from the main campus library;

And made a wonderful place for living…

  • suite-style rooms connected by a semi-private bath,
  • most with views of campus or the beautiful interior courtyard,
  • added full University Housing residence-life programming, along with 
  • a large, comfortable parlor, reading and study area, 
  • a small fridge in each room, kitchens on each floor, and 
  • a palatial laundry room in the basement.

And a wonderful place for learning…

  • from award-winning faculty
  • with a liberal arts tradition and a strong University Honors Program, 
  • add in small classes in high-tech classrooms,
  • a computer/group piano classroom,
  • along with an academic advising office.

For those who love music…

  • a close-knit community of first- and second-year music majors,
  • three individual practice rooms, an ensemble practice room,
  • performance spaces with presentations by faculty and guest artists,
  • and concerts and jam sessions.

Music Living-Learning Community Requirements:

  1. A student must be admitted as a Music or Music Theatre major or a music minor
  2. Each semester, participants will enroll in the required Music Living–Learning Community Colloquium (“Cawthon Colloquium”), a special, zero- or one-credit, S/U course, and submit the required documentation of participation in the meetings and presentations. They agree to attend and participate in the meetings and events of the Music Living-Learning Community and to attend the required number of special presentations for Music Living-Learning Community students selected from a list of events occurring throughout the year.
  3. Participants agree to enroll in at least one additional course per semester offered within the Music Living–Learning Community. They may take more than one course, if space is available. [Note: Each semester, courses will be offered that are part of the core curriculum for first and second–year music majors. Most music students will take their required music theory, sight singing & aural skills, class piano, or music literature course in Cawthon Hall.]