Camp Life

The information below is PRE-covid.  

We are currently revising our camp life information for 2021 to reflect new safety protocols if we are allowed to have camps in 2021.  Please check back for updated information. 

Dorm Rooms

Being an overnight camper is the best way to experience all of that our camps have to offer.
Experience what it's like to live and learn on campus, and meet new friends and counselors who share a love of music and all things FSU!

All campers stay in a privately-owned dorm called the Southgate Campus Centre. This is not an FSU Dorm (orientation & summer sessions prevent us from using FSU dorms). But Southgate is safe, close to our music buildings, and has a dining hall right inside.  The building is also staffed with a 24-hour security desk in the main lobby.

There is a camp office located on the 2nd floor of the dorm which is staffed by our counselors from 6am-2am.  Campers will come to the office to sign-up for activities, pick-up packages, purchase items from the camp store, or to get assistance from a counselor.

The dorm has laundry facilities available.  These machines use debit cards or quarters. There is time during the two-week camps to do laundry on the weekend.  The average cost of a load of laundry (washing & drying) is $3.00.

A camp store will be set up in the dorm office to sell snacks and beverages. Laundry detergent and dryer sheets are also available for $2.00.  This store accepts cash only.

What Will My Room Be Like?

Each room is only 220 sq. feet. The room has it's own bathroom and will contain two beds, two wardrobes for storage, one overhead ceiling light, a shower curtain and toilet paper. Please don't expect any bells or whistles! After all, this is camp - and these rooms are certainly a step up from cabins in the woods!  Students are required to bring their own bedding and towels, as well as other standard living items.

Each room will house two (2) campers.

Males and females are separated by floor, though it may occasionally be necessary at our larger camps to have mixed gender floors. In these rare cases males and females will be at opposite ends of the same floor. Under no circumstance will members of the opposite sex be roomed together.

Want To Request A Roommate?

You can!  Roommate requests are done online using the HOUSING, DINING, AND TRAVEL FORM which is part of your camp forms packet.   You will not be able to submit a roommate request during your initial camp registration.

If you don't know anyone to request as a roommate, don't worry!  Most people don't.   In these cases we do our room assignments by age.

If you are submitting a roommate request, please note the following:

  • All campers involved in the request must submit their own request form so that we see that everyone does want to room together. For example, if Sally, Julie and Mary want to room together, each of them has to submit a roommate request form with all three names on it.
  • Please write your preferred roommate(s) names clearly. If we don't know who they are, we can't match you up!
  • Males and females cannot request each other, even if they are siblings.
  • All requests must be submitted no later than two weeks before the start of your camp.
  • You can request campers that are in a different camp than you, as long as those camps begin and end on the same days.

What To Bring For Your Room

When packing for camp, please keep in mind that: The rooms are small and have to fit all four campers belongings. Bring only what you really need. Be sure to mark ALL your belongings with your name. If something has sentimental value to you - leave it at home!

  • Sheets for extra long twin bed
    If you can not find extra long sheets, you can use two standard twin flat sheets or a sleeping bag.
  • Blanket (the rooms can be very chilly)
  • Pillow & Pillow Case
  • Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Washcloth
  • Personal toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, hand soap, sunscreen.
  • Small lamp or personal reading light
    There is one light in the room on the ceiling and it is not very bright. The rooms tend to be on the dark side. If you want to be able to read, write, etc., especially after the room light has been turned out, you'll need to bring your own.
  • Alarm Clock
  • Charger for your phone

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