Honors Opportunities

Practicing Hard Can Pay Off


Challenge yourself even further this summer! Our Jazz Ensemble Camp, and our High School Band Camps each offer opportunities to audition for advanced, honors ensembles to supplement the regular camp schedule.   Students who are selected not only get to play in these honors ensembles, but receive a discount to camp as well!

Jazz Ensemble Camp:  Honors Combo

Students selected for the Honors Jazz Combo will rehearse each day in an honors combo led by an FSU Faculty Member.  They will perform their combo pieces on the Friday night concert.    Selected students receive a $50.00 discount to camp.

high school band camp: honors wind Ensembles

At each High School Band Camp session, 10 students will be selected to participate in a Brass or Woodwind Quintet as their elective class. Then they will join the Symphony Orchestra each afternoon for sectionals and orchestra rehearsal as well.  They will perform in the High School Band concerts as part of their Concert Band, and at the Orchestra Concert with the Symphony Orchestra.  Selected students will receive a $50.00 discount to camp.  2 Trumpets, 2 French Horns, 1 Trombone, 1 Tuba, 1 Clarinet, 1 Flute, 1 Oboe and 1 Bassoon will be selected at each session.


To receive this discount, you must:

1.  Register for one of the three camp sessions that offer an honors ensemble:  Jazz Ensemble Camp, High School Band Camp Session 1, and/or High School Band Camp Session 2.   (You must be a registered camper, or on a wait list, to have your audition considered).

2.  Submit an audition per the instructions for that camp by March 20, 2022.  

3.  If you are selected, the discount will be automatically deducted from your account balance. (If you are already paid in full you will receive a refund of $50.00) 


Campers are eligible to receive a maximum of two (2) discounts per camp, so you can receive this and the all-state/tri-state discount.

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