What Is The Online Early Bird Discount:

The Early Bird Discount is applied AUTOMATICALLY to the first 200 ONLINE camp registrations at most camps of 5 nights or more (Piano Institute and Honors Chamber Winds Camp are excluded. See below for list of eligible camps).  Last year, we hit 200 within the first 8 hours, so register early!

All you have to do is be one of the first 200 ONLINE camp registrations. The discount is automatically reflected in the price when you register (see the table below for prices). Registration opens January 7, 2019 at 8:00am.



This discount is available for camps of 5 nights or more EXCEPT the Elementary Music Day Camp, FSYou, Piano Institute, and Honors Chamber Winds Camp.

The first 200 ONLINE camp registrations received with a registration deposit will AUTOMATICALLY receive:

  • $25.00 off of camps of 5 or 6 nights
  • $50.00 off of camps of 7 nights or more
2019 Early Bird Discount Prices
Camp Day Camper Price with Discount Overnight Camper Price with Discount
Band Camp for Middle School $265.00 (reg. $290.00) $461.00 (reg. $486.00)
Band Camp for Senior High $430.00 (reg. $480.00) $835.00 (reg. $903.00)
Choral Ensemble Camp $271.00 (reg. $296.00) $467.00 (reg. $492.00)
Double Bass Workshop n/a n/a
Elementary Music Day Camp n/a n/a
FSYou n/a n/a
Guitar Workshop n/a n/a
Honors Chamber Winds n/a n/a
Jazz Ensemble Camp for Middle School $290.00 (reg. $315.00) $486.00 (reg. $511.00)
Jazz Ensemble Camp for Senior High $315.00 (reg. $340.00) $511.00 (reg. $536.00)
Marching Band Leadership and Color Guard Camp $285.00 (reg. $310.00) $455.00 (reg. $480.00)
Piano Camp $260.00 (reg. $285.00) $456.00 (reg. $481.00)
Piano Institute / Piano Institute Plus n/a n/a
String Orchestra Camp $446.00 (reg. $496.00) $896.00 (reg. $919.00)
Tuba and Euphonium Workshop n/a n/a


Overall FSU SMC Discount Guidelines:

Maximum Number of Discounts
Campers are eligible to receive a total of two (2) discounts per camp.   For example: you can get the Early Bird and an Ability Discount. You can get the All-State Discount and an Ability Discount. You can NOT receive the Early Bird, the All-State and an Ability Discount.

Maximum Value of Discounts
The total amount of combined value in discounts that you can receive per camp from the FSU Summer Music Camps can not exceed the $150.

**Because the Online Early Bird Discount is applied automatically, it can not be removed after you receive it, which means it will automatically count as one of your two eligible discounts from us. If you prefer to apply for two other discounts (for example the All-State Discount and an Ability Discount), and you don't want the Early Bird Discount to be used, you will need to wait to register until after the Early Bird Discounts have been given out (usually within one day of the start of registration).

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