Camper Policies

At the FSU Summer Music Camps, nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our campers. We expect our campers to come prepared every day to practice, play, and perform. We expect our campers to uphold the standards of our community of camp musicians; helping to maintain a safe and welcoming environment, and helping to foster positive relationships between fellow campers. We are vigilant about emotional safety as well as physical safety, about creating a place where campers feel safe, free from harassment, intimidation or bullying.  To this end, the FSU Summer Music Camps requires all campers to abide by the following Behavior Policies:


Attendance at all camp events, rehearsals, and performances is mandatory for all campers.  Attendance will be taken at the start of each class, every day.  Campers are not permitted to stay in their rooms if they are not feeling well.  Anyone not well enough to go to a camp activity must be resting in sickbay or receiving medical treatment. 

If your child is a day-camper and will be absent on a particular day, please call our office at 850-644-9934 to let us know that they will not be in.


Bullying is when one or more people exclude, tease, taunt, gossip, intimidate, stalk, destroy property, hit, kick, or put down another person with the intent to hurt another or at the expense of someone else. Bullying can also happen through cyberspace: through the use of e-mails, the internet, cell phones, text messaging, instant messaging, social media apps, and other less direct methods.

The FSU Summer Music Camps maintains a bully-free environment and does not tolerate bullying behaviors in any form including the use of social media. Bullying is inexcusable, and campers that are believed to be bullying or participating in bullying behaviors will be subject to immediate disciplinary actions, up to and including dismissal.

Camper Sign-Out

Campers are only permitted to leave camp as follows:

  • Parents may sign-out campers out by going to the Camp Help Desk (lobby of HMU) or the Camp Dorm Office (second floor of Southgate) and showing ID.
  • Parents may give written permission for an adult over the age of 21 to sign-out their child by using the Sign-Out Permission Form which is a part of the Supplemental Forms packet.  You may submit the form online, bring it to us in person, fax it to 850.644.5257, or send via e-mail to 

Campers may visit with friends and relatives who are not music campers in the lobby of the Southgate Campus Centre during the evening hours before curfew and on Saturday & Sunday afternoons only.  Guests must register with the dormitory supervisor and are subject to the Rules of Camp.  For the safety of all campers, the camp staff reserves the right to deny visitation between campers and non-camp guests.  Only music campers are permitted in the residential areas of Southgate.

Cell Phone Policy

Campers are allowed to have cell phones for use during free time, but they must be TURNED OFF COMPLETELY and PUT AWAY OUT OF SIGHT during all classes, rehearsals, and performances.  Campers may not take video or photos during performances with their phones unless they have received prior approval from the Camp Director, an Assistant Camp Director, or Dorm Supervisor prior to the event.

Cell phones that are turned on, visible, or being used during class, rehearsals, concerts/performances may be confiscated according to the following policy by any member of the camp staff:

  1. First Offense: The cell phone or device will be confiscated for the duration of the event/class/rehearsal/etc. but will be returned to the camper at the end of the event.
  2. Second Offense: The cell phone or device will be confiscated for a period of 24 hours.
  3. Third Offense: The cell phone or device will be confiscated for the duration camp. The item will be returned to the camper at check-out.

If a camper's cell phone is confiscated, parents will still be able to contact the camper either through the Camp Office or the Southgate Campus Centre. 

Dress Code

Dress for all camp activities is casual (shorts, t-shirts, jeans) but should be appropriate for classroom instruction and for group recreation activities including swimming.  Revealing clothing is not permitted and it is at the discretion of the camp staff to require campers to change or cover up if an outfit or bathing suit is deemed inappropriate.  

Dorm Policies

  1. All overnight campers must be in Southgate Campus Centre after 6:00 p.m. unless attending a camp concert, evening program, or rehearsal or practice session with a camp group supervised by staff members. Overnight resident campers must be in their dorm rooms and quiet time is observed by 10:00 p.m.
  2. Practice rooms are available and monitored in the music buildings. Practicing is not permitted in the Southgate dormitory as it is a residence.
  3. Campers should not use elevators in the College of Music buildings or Southgate unless they have a disability that requires that use (please notify our camp office) or are transporting a large instrument.
  4. Furniture may not be moved from one room to another.>
  5. Charges will be made for damages to property. Any damages will be billed to the students and/or parent(s) by the Southgate Campus Centre.
  6. No room visitation is permitted by members of the opposite gender.
  7. Day campers visiting or eating in the Southgate Campus Center are subject to the same rules and regulations pertaining to overnight campers.
  8. Due to the risk of fire, Hover Boards are not permitted at camp.

Identification Badges

All campers are required to wear their identification badges at all times.

Lost and Found

We do maintain a lost and found.  Any items left/lost at camp can be returned at the families expense via the UPS store on campus.  The following is the process for items from lost and found:

  1. Contact our office at 850-644-9934 or email us at with a specific detail and description of the item(s). 
  2. We will contact you as quickly as possible about whether the item was in the lost and found or not.  If we have found the item(s) you can choose to have it shipped back to you. 
  3. Once you confirm that you want the item shipped we will bring it over to the UPS Store. ONCE WE HAVE DELIVERED IT TO THE STORE WE WILL CONTACT YOU. 
  4. After you are notified that the item is at the UPS store you will need to call them at (850) 561-9180. You will need to be prepared to pay with a credit card over the phone and can decide with the UPS representative your preferred method of shipping.  It is up to you to ensure the item is actually shipped; the camps are not responsible for any item once it is dropped off with UPS.

The camp office closes for the summer on July 29.  Any lost/found items not claimed by this date will be discarded or donated.

Personal Vehicles

Any camper who transports another camper(s) in their personal vehicle does so at their own risk and is responsible for anything that happens to the other campers while in their car. 

Overnight campers who drive themselves to camp must turn in their car keys to the dorm staff upon arrival.  They will receive a free parking permit for the Southgate Parking Garage where they must leave their car for the duration of camp. Night campers can not use their cars once they have checked-in and have received a room key.  Night campers will get their car keys back when they check-out and return their room key.

Day-campers are not permitted to transport overnight-campers in their personal vehicles.  Any overnight-camper who travels with a day-camper in the day-campers car for any reason may be dismissed from camp.  

Social Networking and Internet

Our camp views social networking sites, personal Web sites, Weblogs, and photo sharing sites positively and respects the right of campers to use them as a medium of self-expression. Our camp requires, as a condition of participation in the camp, that campers observe the following guidelines when referring to the camp, its programs or activities, its campers, and/or employees, in a blog, on a Web site, or in an app:

  1. Campers must be respectful in all communications and blogs related to or referencing the camp, its employees, and other campers.
  2. Campers may not post photographs or other likenesses of other campers’ or employees without the individual's explicit consent.
  3. Campers must not use obscenities, profanity, or vulgar language.
  4. Campers must not harass, bully, or intimidate other campers or employees of the camp. Behaviors that constitute harassment and bullying include, but are not limited to, comments that are derogatory with respect to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, color, body image, or disability; sexually suggestive, humiliating, or demeaning comments; and threats to stalk, haze, or physically injure another person.
  5. Campers must not discuss engaging in conduct that is prohibited by camp policies, including, but not limited to, the use of alcohol and drugs, sexual behavior, sexual harassment, and bullying.

Any camper found to be in violation of any portion of this Social Networking and Internet Policy will be subject to immediate disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.

Substance Abuse

Smoking of any kind, including vapor products, and substance abuse by campers is not permitted. The use or possession of any non-prescribed drug, alcohol, marijuana, tobacco products, or any other controlled substance; the use of fireworks; the possession of any weapon; stealing; bullying; or the breaking of any civil law or city ordinance is grounds for automatic dismissal from the Summer Music Camps.

Violation of Policies

Campers who violate these Behavior Policies or any of the other camp policies shall be subject to disciplinary actions by the Director of Campus Life, the Dean of Students, the Assistant Camp Directors, or the Camp Director, up to and including dismissal from camp.

Any camper who persistently violates academic or Southgate Campus Centre regulations, the standards of the FSU Summer Music Camps, or standards of Florida State University makes himself/herself liable for dismissal.

Should you be dismissed for any of these reasons, your parents or guardians will be notified. They will be responsible for your immediate transportation home. Students dismissed from camp at any time will not be reimbursed any funds paid, including tuition and housing & food payments.

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