The information below is PRE-covid.  
We are currently revising this section for 2021 to reflect new safety protocols.  
Please check back for updated information. 

When packing for camp, please keep in mind that:

  • The rooms are small and have to fit all campers belongings. Bring only what you really need.
  • Be sure to mark ALL your belongings with your name.
  • If something has sentimental value to you - leave it at home!

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Information Coming Soon

Music Items

  • A folding music stand labeled with your name. This is essential!   Everyone should be bringing one except pianists and vocalists.
  • Your Instrument and instrument accessories. The only exceptions to this are:
    • Piano at Piano Camp, Piano Institute, and the Jazz Ensemble Camps.
      • Piano players should bring a pair of headphones with a 1/4" stereo jack and a metronome.
    • Percussion at our Band Camps and Marching Band Leadership
      • Percussionists should bring:
        Sticks & Mallets (timpani & marimba), stick bag, practice pads
    • Drummers at Marching Band Leadership Camp
      • Drummers should bring sticks, sticks bag, and practice pads.
    • Electric Guitar and Electric Bass at the Jazz Camps and guitar Workshop should also bring an amp, cables and extension cords in addition to their instrument.
    • Upright Bass at Jazz Camp - if you plan to play with a pick up (optional), you should bring an amp, cables, and an extension cord.
    • Upright Bass players should bring a stool (bar stool height) labeled with your name.
    • Drummers at Jazz ENsemble Camp need to bring their drum kit.  A 4-5 piece kit (snare drum, 1-2 rack toms, floor tom, cymbals (ride, crash, hi-hat), and hardware (hi-hat stand, cymbal stand(s), drum throne, bass drum pedal), drumsticks and brushes.
  • Music for your Placement Audition.  This applies to the Band Camps, String Orchestra Camp, Honors Chamber Winds and the Jazz Ensemble Camps.
  • Other music you want to work on at camp.

Basic Room Items

  • Sheets for extra long twin bed
    If you can not find extra long sheets, you can use two standard twin flat sheets or a sleeping bag.
  • Blanket (the rooms can be very chilly)
  • Pillow & Pillow Case
  • Bath Towel, Hand Towel, Washcloth
  • Personal toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, and hand soap.
  • Small lamp or personal reading light
    There is one light in the room on the ceiling and it is not very bright. The rooms tend to be on the dark side. If you want to be able to read, write, etc., especially after the room light has been turned out, you'll need to bring your own.
  • Alarm Clock
  • Charger for your phone
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Sunscreen


If you decide to bring personal electronic devices such as a television, laptop computers, game console, iPad, cameras, etc.) please understand the following:

  • These items are your responsibility. The camps are not responsible for damage, theft, or loss of any personal item.
  • You are sharing a small room with three other people and constantly moving between buildings and rooms. It's easy to leave something behind, for something to go missing, or for you to go to your next class without it.
  • There is no place to secure these items when they are not in use and when you are not in your room.
  • The rooms do not have safes and there is no lockable location for them to be kept.

Food Items

You are permitted to bring snack items with you for your room, but we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Your roommates may have allergies to which you are unaware. Please bring only food items that are individually sealed & packaged, and consider bringing nut-free items.
  • There are no refrigerators. Anything you bring will need to be kept at room temp.
  • The rooms are small and there is not a lot of extra storage space to store food. Bring only what you really need.
  • Consider refillable water bottles rather than a case of water.
  • You cannot bring food from your room to the cafeteria. It is against health regulations.

Clothing Items

  • Casual clothes to wear to classes, rehearsals, and recreation events.
  • Sunday clothes (optional)
  • Performance clothes (see below)
  • Sneakers or other comfortable footwear*.
  • Rain jacket and/or umbrella
    (This is ESSENTIAL! It rains daily in Tallahassee in the summer and it usually happens just as you are about to go from one building to another.)
  • Sweater or sweatshirt (rehearsal rooms can get very chilly)
  • Hat, sun visor, sunglasses.
  • Bathing Suit (for Band Camp for Senior High, String Orchestra Camp, and Chamber Winds only).

*SAFETY NOTE - though flip-flops may be comfortable summer footwear, they can often be dangerous. When the campus sidewalks get wet after our daily rainstorm they are extremely slick. We have brought numerous campers to the health center because of flip-flop accidents.

Performance clothes

Performance Dress For The FINAL Concert for ALL CAMPS:

  • For Girls: Black Skirt or Pants (skirt must be below the knee); White Blouse; Black Shoes; Stockings
  • For Boys: Black Trousers, White Dress Shirts (long or short sleeve); Long, Dark Tie; Black Shoes; Black Socks

Other Concerts:

  • For Choral Camp - you need the above for the Saturday concert. For the Friday night concert, all campers will wear jeans and a t-shirt (we like the camp t-shirt, but any t-shirt is okay!)
  • For Marching Band Leadership Camp & Color Guard - you do not need performance clothes. Regular camp clothes - shorts and t-shirts - are fine.

Returning camper tip - check to see if you have multiple concerts. If you do, you may wish to pack multiple white dress shirts in case they get dirty and you don't want to do laundry!

Medications - ALL CAMPERS should bring a supply of common medications in case they do not feel well during camp

In addition to any medication that campers take on a regular basis, ALL CAMPERS should bring a supply of common medications in case they do not feel well during camp.  For example: Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, Tums, cold medication.  The FSU Summer Music Camps does NOT have a supply of medication to give to your child if they are feeling unwell, so it is essential that you pack some medications for them just in case. 

You have the choice of allowing your camper to keep medications in their room or to turn them over to the counselors to be given when needed.
Please visit the Medical Care section of this site for detailed information about how all medications are handled at camp.

If you will be packing medication for us to administer please:

  • Provide medications in their original container.  Prescription medications must have a label stating the name of the physician, child’s name, name of the medication and the medication directions.  Non-prescription medications must be in their original packaging.
  • Provide exact dosing information on a sheet to be signed by a parent (required) or the physician (preferred).
  • Provide updates and/or changes to medication usage and/or dosage.
  • Provide ample medication at the start of camp.
  • Ensure that the medications are actually given to the counselor on the first day of camp.

We suggest that parents pack medications in a large ziplock bag marked with the campers name on the outside and place a copy of the sheet of dosing instructions inside the bag. Don't forget to pick up your left-over medications on check-out day!




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