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Giving Back for the Future of Music.
The FSU Summer Music Camps provides summer music instruction to over 1400 elementary, middle, and high school students for five weeks each June and July. In operation since 1942, the camps have provided an essential bridge in music education for students who receive little or no music Instruction as part of the school curriculum; for students who wish to continue their music studies during the summer months; and for students looking to explore advanced instruction with the possibility to pursue collegiate studies after their high school graduation. The camps provide students with opportunities, experiences, and memories that will stay with them for a lifetime.


You can support our efforts by becoming a donor.  Opportunities exist to donate to all aspects of our camp at various levels.

"I was so impressed."

"I wanted to donate a small amount to the program.  I hope that all of your students find great success from attending.." J. Rodriguez


Teachers, advisors, and mentors seeking opportunities for deserving students may nominate a camper for financial support.

Thank You To All Of Our Current Donors:


Ash & Janet Williams

Valerie Colvin


Patricia Flowers

Clifford Madsen


Russell Hilliard

Steven Kelly

Alexander Nicholas


Kathleen Ackerman

Jeffrey Anderson

Judy Arthur

Mike & Jane Bocchino

Jim Bruce

Katarzyna Bugaj & Jose Pinto

Jeff Cayer

John Cooper

Alice-Ann Darrow

Jennifer Dooley

Grady Enlow & June Dollar

William Fredrickson

D Gregory

Edward & Kathy Grunewald

Ryan Harring

Karla Jennings

Asimoula (Sylvia) League

Deborah Mar  

Kerry Smith

Corey & Jenna Sullivan


AnnMarie Abraham

Jayme Agee

Michael Antmann

Isabelle Antoine

Jessica Barker

Ashlee Barrett

Kensley Behel

Mark Belfast

Matthew Boswll

Margaret & John Buckley

Andrew Burk

Stuart Campbell

Charlene Cannon

Asher Carlsom

Alexia Chamberlynn

Paul Champion

Annalisa Chang

Sidney Clarke-Lequerique

Valerie Claus

Amber Cochran

Sarah Cohen

Christopher & Nichelle Coleman

Jessica Cumberledge

Kandi Daffin

Stephanie Daniel

Carly Davis

Jennifer Delacruz

Kelly Dorsey

Jennifer Dusek

Pablo Elias-Rodriguez

Jordan Evans

Amber Faircloth

Achia Floyd   

Ninabeth Frank

Elyse Frezza

Judy Gaunt

Tina Gill

Jimmy Gillis

Emily Goode & Ariel Reddick

Laura Gayle Green

Britt Gummerman

Colin Hansen

Natalie Harris

Diego Hernandez

Jennifer & Peter Hoesing

Michael Hudson

Natalie Janas

Hannah Jennings

Cristina Jimenez

Lorelle Jock

Beth Kelly

Carlton Kilpatrick

Jonathan Klepper

Cheyne LaBonte

Alexandra Massey

Meghan McCaskill

Anthony McDonald

Brandon Meeks

Gabriela Mendizabal

Eric Millard

Devan Moore

Kristin Morgan

Joseph Murrane

Martha Murrane

Sean Murray

Jessica Napoles

David Norona

Christian Nyman

Jessica Oyster

Michael Panzarino

Brad Parks

JT Patrick

Tim Peck

Zachary Pecore

Jacob Pickett

Michelle Pohto

Angela Pontious

David Pope

Leigh Mullis Powell

Wendy Prophet

Julia Reynolds

Hank & Kathryn Rockwell

Melissa Roeder

Gabriela Santos

Ryan Scherber Lisa Scoles

Bridget Shannon

Alli Shelton

Haley Shimer

Michael Smith

Olman Ramirez Solis & Elieth Lizano Acuna

Rachel Sorenson

Daniel Taylor

Barbie Townsend

Kenna Veronee

Victoria & Cooper Warnet

Michael Warren

Arthur Wiedinger

Kenneth Williams

Matt Winburn

Nikke Windle

John Rine Zabanel

Frank Zimmerer

Anonymous Donors

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