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Graduate Admissions

Whether you are looking to advance in your current career path or perhaps make a career change, our graduate programs provide the opportunities to focus your studies even further. Take your education to the next level in one of dozens of programs available.

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Arts Administration

Providing an education in arts management and leadership.

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Fostering limitless experiences and connections.

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Commercial Music

Providing hands-on experience as performers, engineers and producers.

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Gaining leadership and entrepreneurial skills for the 21st Century.

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Offering exceptional training for performers and teachers.

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Liberal Arts in Music

Pursuing a passion for music along with other academic interests.

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Music Education

Preparing tomorrow’s teachers and researchers.

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Music Therapy

Building careers using music in service to and rehabilitation of others.

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Training socially responsible scholar-musicians of the highest caliber.

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Building skillsets for successful, competitive musicians.

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Piano Technology

Providing valuable experience in repair and restoration situations.

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Preparing students to excel as a versatile, modern musician.

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Theory & Composition

Training musicians through outstanding instruction and mentorship.

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Voice & Opera

Developing students for a multitude of performing opportunities.

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Preparing students for diverse careers in teaching and performance.

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Fall 2024

Piano Technology Admissions

Receiving comprehensive hands-on experience for the development of our students.

Piano Technology

Key Admission Dates

Fall 2024

  • Priority Deadline December 1
  • Deadline for consideration for merit-based financial assistance. February 28
  • Final Deadline; The College of Music reserves the right to close admission earlier (and often does) if warranted by enrollment limitations and the number and quality of applications. April 1
Piano Technology

Application Requirements

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1 Apply to Florida State University

Complete the Florida State University Application and pay the $30 application fee. Select the major “Music/Liberal Arts – MA“.

Grade Point Average

In order to meet the Florida State University requirements for graduate admission, applicants must have earned a minimum 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average (GPA) in all coursework attempted while registered as an upper-division undergraduate student working towards a bachelor’s degree. Applicants not meeting this requirement may be considered for admission, but only by special exception. To determine your upper-division GPA, please consult the GPA calculation worksheet. If your upper-division GPA is below a 3.0, please be sure to address this deficiency in your Statement of Purpose. You are also encouraged to have your referees address your academic preparedness for graduate study in their letters of recommendation.


Foreign Language Proficiency

All Master of Arts students at Florida State University must demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language by:

  • Satisfactory performance on the Graduate School Foreign Language Tests of the Educational Testing Service,
  • Certification by the appropriate language department,
  • Completion of 12 semester hours in a foreign language with an average grade of at least 3.0 (“B”), or
  • Four years of a single language in high school.

Applicants who do not already meet this requirement may complete it while enrolled at FSU.

International Students

The College of Music admissions requirements exceed University minimum standards. Official English Language Proficiency results are required of all international applicants whose native language is not English, including applicants who have already studied in an English speaking country for any length of time.

For admission, attain the minimum required score on one of the following exams:

Additionally, to be eligible for a graduate assistantship:

  • Students must score a minimum of 26 on the speaking portion of the IBTOEFL or;
  • Achieve a score of 50 on the SPEAK Test (offered by FSU) to qualify for a graduate assistantship.

2 Apply to the College of Music

Complete the College of Music Supplemental Application and additional materials. The Supplemental Application will be added to your Application Checklist within 1-2 hours of submitting your application to FSU.

Professional Experience

Qualified candidates will have completed a Certificate in Piano Technology at a residence school (strongly preferred).

  • Vita/Resume
    • Include education, background, experience, honors and awards, publications, names of former teachers, and any other important information.
  • Statement of Purpose
    • There is no required format or prompt for the Statement of Purpose. Most are 1-2 pages in length and discuss the applicant’s background, career goals, and potential for success in the program. This may be formatted as a cover letter to accompany the Vita/Resume.
  • Letters of Recommendation (3 required)
    • You will enter your recommenders’ contact information through the Application Status Check.

Applied Music Assessment

Please know that an applied music assessment is a part of most master’s and doctoral programs in the College of Music. Non-performance graduate applicants are not assessed until actually arriving on campus for course enrollment and placement. Many non-performance students choose to complete this requirement during orientation week, prior to the start of the semester along with other curricular placement activities. This requirement must be completed by the end of the first term.


3 Submit transcripts from all previously attended institutions.

For the purposes of the admission review, transcripts may be official or unofficial. Prior to matriculation, entering students are required to submit final, official transcripts.

Common Questions

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How do I apply for a scholarship or graduate assistantship?

Everyone who completes the application process (including interview and/or audition, if required) is automatically considered for scholarships and assistantships, and no additional application is necessary.  Only graduate students interested in auditioning for accompanying or group piano teaching assistantships are required to take an additional audition.  Contact College of Music Admissions for further details.

Is a prescreening recording required?

Prescreenings are required for the following instruments/degree programs:

  • MM or DM in Brass Performance
  • MM or DM in String Performance (Violin only)
  • MM or DM in Woodwind Performance
  • MM or DM in Voice Performance
  • MM or DM in Piano Performance
  • MM in Piano Pedagogy
  • MM or DM in Accompanying
  • MM in Opera Coaching

Prescreening submissions are due by December 1 and results will be released by December 15. Applicants who are successful in this first round will be invited to campus for a full audition on one of the dates listed above. (Music Theatre will have a second round via Zoom, followed by a final round on campus).

Is an accompanist provided?

An accompanist is provided, free of charge, for all voice and music theatre auditions on campus. Rehearsal time is not provided, however, and scores should not be submitted in advance. Please bring neat copies, in a book or organized in a binder, in the appropriate key(s). Students may bring their own accompanist to the audition if they wish.

Instrumental auditions will be unaccompanied.

How many times may I audition?

Students are allowed a maximum of three audition attempts per instrument/voice, per degree level (bachelors, master’s, doctoral). Applicants are allowed one audition per application.