The Warren D. Allen Music Library's Special Collections is a valuable resource for the Florida State University community, and especially for the FSU College of Music. Included are items of local interest, signed items, fragile items, rare items, and "truly unique/rare/valuable" items. Valuable and unique autograph-manuscripts, first edition copies of major treatises, high-quality reproductions of major works, piano rolls, Braille music, and items from as early as 1562 are among the many items contained within.

Most of the items (over 5,000) appear in our online catalog, though many do not. The purpose of this page is to showcase some of the library's most interesting and unusual holdings, and provide information about collections not detailed in our catalog.

Please note that extra rules and regulations apply to the use of Special Collections. You may read them here: Special Collections Rules (PDF - 58k)

Personal Collections

Collections about or belonging to a single person.

General Collections

Collections not associated with any single person.

Individual Items

Noteworthy single items.

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