Specialized Studies Program - Sacred Music

Dr. Iain Quinn, Coordinator - 226 KMU; (850) 644-6509

College of Music Specialized Studies Programs represent special areas of concentration which students may pursue in conjunction with a music degree. Following are course requirements for each specialized studies program available in the College of Music. Inasmuch as many programs have special admission criteria, students must contact the Coordinator listed before beginning any specialized studies program. Additional information and applications are available in 204C HMU (644-4833).

PRogram Requirements: All Majors
Course Code Hours  Course Title
MUE 3491/3492 2-2 Choral Conducting/Literature (concurrent registration in MUE 3495 required)
MUE 3495 1-1 Choral Conducting Lab
MUS 4905 2 Practicum in Church Music
MUR 4201 2 Hymnology
MVK/MVV 3950 0 Recital (Requires at least two years of prior applied study.)
 In addition. All performance majors must complete a minimum of 25 hours of additional course work at Florida State University
Organ Emphasis
Course Code Hours  Course Title
MUR 4411/4412 2-2 Organ History/Literature
MVV 1211 2-2 Applied Voice Lessons - Secondary Level
VoCal Emphasis 
Course Code Hours  Course Title
Choose two:    
MUL 4642 1 Survey of Sacred Choral Literature
MUL 4490 1 Survey of Organ Literature
MUL 4600 1 Survey of Sacred Solo Vocal Literature
MVK 1111 1-1 Class Piano
MVK 2121 1-1 Class Piano

Contact Coordinator regarding recital preparation and jury procedures. Vocal Emphasis students exempting MVK 2121 must complete one semester of MVK 3131. Vocal emphasis students exempting MVK 3131 must complete one semester of MVK 1211 or MVK 1213.

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