A Specialized Study Program represents an organized curriculum that enhances or complements the degree to be awarded. Only fully admitted students in declared music degree programs may participate in Specialized Studies in the College of Music. Inasmuch as programs may have special requirements or prerequisites, students must contact the designated faculty advisor before beginning any Specialized Studies sequence. Upon completion of a Specialized Study program, students receive a "Recognition of Completion" document; however, such programs are not indicated on University transcripts or diplomas. Additional information is available in 204C HMU (644-4833).

The Honors Specialized Studies in Music is designed to allow Honors students to move seamlessly from Honors coursework to an Honors capstone experience in their major. Upon successful completion of all the requirements, students are awarded an Honors Specialized Studies by the College of Music. Earning an Honors Specialized Studies in Music is another way of meeting the requirements for "finishing" the University Honors Program. It also satisfies partial requirement for the major and may satisfy requirements for Honors in the Major.

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