Organ Study at Florida State University

The College of Music at Florida State University provides an exceptional learning environment for organ study in a supportive environment that is filled with opportunities for students. In addition to the degree programs for performance majors (BM, MM, DM), students can also audition to study the organ as a principal study instrument. Further opportunities exist for students in the larger College and University who can take organ lessons as a secondary study, by permission of the instructor.

The Organ Studies program offers an experience tailored to the individual interests and strengths of the student at both undergraduate and graduate levels and offers a myriad of opportunities. For instance, students are able to undertake harpsichord study and perform in ensembles, by permission of the instructor. Also, if a student has an interest in research, whether as a supervised study or as a research assistant, it is possible to focus on a particular area of specialization.

The faculty of the organ program aim to offer support to all students as they plan future careers. To this end the faculty teach students skills to support their work in multiple areas of the profession, whether in church or concert work, or related fields. Our students study a wide range of repertoire from the earliest compositions for the instrument to the most recent works with a great awareness for performance practice. Our students are engaged in the American Guild of Organists and regularly attend important conventions and conferences.

Organ Faculty

Dr. Iain Quinn


The College of Music is fortunate to have several teaching and practice organs, both on campus and in nearby churches. Lessons primarily take place on the three manual mechanical action Holtkamp (1975) organ in Opperman Music Hall. The two manual Juget-Sinclair (2013) organ, which is tuned with a mild unequal temperament, is ideal for Baroque repertoire. Additionally, there are two practice organs and two continuo organs built by Bennett & Giuttari and Juget-Sinclair (2013). The College also has a two-foot portative organ and a regal.

Within easy walking distance of the College of Music, students also have access to three other significant instruments. St. John’s Episcopal Church is home to two instruments, the historic Hill and Davidson (c. 1837-38) and the recent C.B. Fisk organ. A two manual Taylor and Boody organ, organ resides in First Presbyterian Church of Tallahassee and Trinity United Methodist is home to a large Casavant organ built in the French Romantic style.


A number of local churches offer Sacred Music Fellowships that are open to students at both an undergraduate and graduate level. Students are able to apply to the churches directly for these after acceptance into the program.

Campus Visits

We welcome visits by prospective students throughout the academic year. If you plan a visit, please be in touch with Dr. Iain Quinn ( at least one month in advance. Customarily, you will be given a tour of the campus and the campus organs as well as shown the instruments in the nearby churches and meet with a current student. Information on deadlines can be found via the Admissions Page.

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