Exemption exams for Music Theory I and Music Theory II (MUT 1111 and MUT 1112) will be given on the Friday before fall-semester begins from 2:00-4:00 in KMU 206. Please be aware that these exams are intended for transfer students and mid-year admissions; students previously enrolled in Music Theory I and II are not permitted to exempt the courses by examination. There are no exemption exams for Music Theory III and IV (MUT 2116 and 2117).

Ear training exemption exams (MUT 1241, 1242, 2246, and 2247) will be offered on the first day of classes. Please attend any section.

If you have done well on the AP Music Theory Exam: we strongly recommend that you not simply assume you should exempt any of our music theory courses. In addition to going into greater depth, Music Theory I (MUT 1111) covers topics not typically addressed in high school AP courses. Students who avoid taking MUT 1111 often feel behind in MUT 1112. If you take our exemption exam, we will provide feedback so that you can decide what is best for you. These exams are hand graded, and we provide specific information that should be helpful (e.g., what grade your part-writing would receive using the standards applied on the MUT 1111 final exam).

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