Music Theory & Composition

evan A. Jones - Coordinator of music theory & Composition

Our students encounter new ideas, gain professional experience, and benefit from supportive, collaborative interaction with faculty and each other.

The Florida State University College of Music features one of the largest and most distinguished theory and composition faculties in the United States, including a Guggenheim Fellow and a Pulitzer Prize winner. Our students gain valuable experience in teaching and research, working with faculty members who care deeply about both pursuits, and our program has been identified as one of the two most successful in the country in terms of professional placement. The College offers a range of assistantships, sponsors student travel, funds frequent visits from guest theorists and composers, and hosts a biennial Festival of New Music. Both the FSU Music Theory Society and the FSU chapter of SCI meet on a near-weekly basis and are student-run, with assistance and oversight from faculty; SCI schedules regular concerts of student compositions and MTS hosts a one-day, peer-reviewed conference (the Music Theory Forum) every spring. Please use the links below to learn more about our faculty, students, and alumni, as well as our programs, recent guests, and assistantship support.

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