Center for Music Research


The Center for Music Research (CMR) at Florida State University was founded in 1980 to bring together the already strong research component of the College of Music with its newly created computer facilities. The purpose of the Center is to create effective research environments for the pursuit of music scholarship in all modes of inquiry for both students and faculty. CMR exists to foster research and publication and provides a support system that attempts to blend the best human and musical characteristics of the music researcher and teacher with the best of technology. The following CMR activities are supported by the College of Music at Florida State University: graduate education, faculty and student research, post-doctoral study, and occasional workshops, symposia, and visiting scholars.

The aims of the Center are to:

  • Develop new knowledge about music, music education, music therapy, and related areas through scholarly inquiry,
  • Offer innovative educational, consultative, and other support programs to foster research, teaching, and to guide curricular decisions,
  • Provide space and facilities to develop applications of research to music performance, teaching, therapy, and analysis,
  • Support research collaborations between faculty and students,
  • Encourage students and faculty to develop new technology as well as to utilize existing technology and techniques in teaching and research,
  • Establish and maintain relations with similar research and teaching centers at other academic institutions.
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