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Liberal Arts Resources

Career Paths

  • Representative Job Titles Related to this Major: Teacher, Performer/Artist, Author, Music Business Executive, Publication Editor, Music Law/Copyright Lawyer, Music Engineer/Recorder, Conductor, Researcher, Composer, Freelancer, Music Administrator.
  • Representative Employers: Junior Colleges, Conservatories, Colleges, Entertainment Centers, Universities, Recording Studios, Publishers, Record/Music Companies, Law Practice, Private Clubs.
  • Graduate placements (seeking maximum of three spotlight alumni plus perhaps an additional list)

Engaged Learning & Learning Opportunities

  • Internships
  • Performing/Area-specific ensembles
  • Conducting
  • Researching
  • Networking

Knowledge in Practice & How We Serve

  • Practica/internships
  • Research (Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, Honors in the Major, IDEA Grants)
  • Societies (e.g. Music Theory Society, Society for Musicology)
  • Festivals (e.g. New Music)
  • Summer Music Camps