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Piano Placement Exam

Welcome to the Group Piano Placement and Exemption Exam at Florida State. This page has been designed to answer commonly asked questions.

What is the purpose of this exam?

This exam will help you and the examiners determine your entry level into the Group Piano Program at Florida State. If you are entering your first semester of Group Piano at FSU and choose not to take the exam, you will automatically sign up for MVK 1111 A.

When is the exam administered?

Placement exams are offered on the Friday prior to start of Fall term in the Kellogg Building (KRB 112) from 3:00 until 5:00 pm. No appointment is necessary. Exams are administered on a first come, first served basis, and will last approximately 10 minutes.

Who should take the exam?

Students with prior keyboard experience, whose degree programs require one or more semesters of class piano. (Check the curriculum guide for your major to determine the piano requirement for your major.) Keyboard majors do not need to take this exam.

Transfer students with Class Piano credit should consult Dr. Hunt regarding transfer evaluations.

Please follow the directions below carefully, stopping when applicable. Please remember that many years of piano lessons may or may not prepare you to exempt certain classes. This placement procedure is designed to measure how you meet objective criteria determined to be important for this university-level piano proficiency exam.

All students please complete the information below. (NOTE: This is an example only.)



Phone (local, if known)________________________


Today’s date_____________________

Are you transferring?___________________

What class are you entering? (freshman, etc.)________________________

How many years of private piano study?_________________

How many years of group piano study?___________________

Page 1

If you have had no previous piano or wish to start from the beginning of the group piano sequence, turn in the form to the assigned location and register for MVK 1111 A. Thank you, and you may leave.

Page 2

If you have had some private piano or group piano training and wish to try to exempt only MVK 1111 A and B (not MVK 2121), go to page 2. Follow the directions on that page now.

Page 3

If you wish to try to exempt MVK 1111 A and B and MVK 2121 A and B, go to page 3. Follow the directions on that page now.

Page 4

If you wish to try to exempt MVK 1111 A and B, MVK 2121 A and B, and MVK 3131 A and B, go to page 4. Follow the directions on that page now.