Piano Pedagogy

Dr. Diana Dumlavwalla - 306B KMU, (850)644-4299

College of Music Specialized Studies Programs represent special areas of concentration which students may pursue in conjunction with a music degree. Following are course requirements for each specialized studies program available in the College of Music. Inasmuch as many programs have special admission criteria, students must contact the Coordinator listed before beginning any specialized studies program. Additional information and applications are available in 204C HMU (644-4833).

Specialized Studies Program in Piano Pedagogy
Course Code Hours (16) Course Title
MVK 3631 3 Piano Pedagogy I
MVK 3632 3 Piano Pedagogy II
MVK 4641 3 Advanced Piano Pedagogy I
MVK 4642 3 Advanced Piano Pedagogy II
Select one course from the following:
MUL 3481 2 Keyboard Literature
MUL 3482    
MUL 4483    
MUL 4484    
Applied Piano 4 (Non-piano performance majors)
Electives 4 (Piano performance majors)
MVK 4670 2 Practicum
MUS 4970 2 Research project
MVK 3950 0 Certificate Recital (not required of piano performance majors)
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