The MTRC provides students an environment to explore the core technology musicians need to know. Whether engraving a score or composing music, the MTRC provides the means of production. MTRC staff are there to assist with any questions you might have.

Request Assistance

Our employees are available both in person and online to assist our students and faculty. Request Help below and a staff member with respond within 24 hours. Sessions can be requested in the MTRC, via phone, or over Zoom.

MTRC Survival Hour

Join the Music Technology Resource Center employees each week with any questions you have about classroom and technology needs within the FSU College of Music. Register ahead of time to join the meeting and to submit your specific questions.

MTRC COVID-19 Survival Pack

Connecting a MIDI Keyboard

Got a new MIDI Keyboard to use for teaching or learning in a music environment from home? This guide can help you set it up!

Home Audio Setup

Establishing a home setup can be daunting. For helpful tips on what to consider when setting up your home audio equipment, click here!

Online Lessons

Teaching online doesn't have to frustrating or poor quality. For tips on how to conduct helpful, safe lessons using Zoom, click here!

Finale in V-Lab

FSU Faculty and students have access to various programs through the Virtual Lab. Click here for help on using Finale through V-Lab!

Online Auditions

Using Microsoft Teams can be a great way to host your ensemble auditions online. Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating online auditions in Teams!

Using Zoom's Music Mode

Turing on Original Sound and Music Mode in Zoom will result in better audio quality. Click here to learn more!

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