Allen Music Library Special Collections

The Warren D. Allen Music Library's Special Collections is a valuable resource for the Florida State University community, and especially for the FSU College of Music. Included are items of local interest, signed items, fragile items, and rare items.

Valuable and unique autograph manuscripts, first edition copies of major treatises, high-quality reproductions of major works, piano rolls, Braille music, and items from as early as 1562 are among the many items contained within. Over 5,000 of these items appear in our online catalog, but there are many more that do not. The purpose of this page is to showcase some of the library's most interesting and unusual holdings, and provide information about collections not detailed in our catalog.

Please note that extra rules and regulations apply to the use of Special Collections.

A large number of the collections in our possession relate to one person, most of whom had some connection to the Florida State University or its predecessor, the Florida State College for Women. Notable exceptions are the Allen Forte Theory Treatise Collection and the Ethan Allen Hitchcock Flute Music Collection.

FSU Faculty and Alumni
Other Individuals
FSU Faculty and Alumni

John Boda (1922-2002) was professor of theory, composition and piano at Florida State University, teaching from 1947-2001. Notable pupils include Ellen Taaffe Zwillich and David Ward Steinman.

William F. Cramer (1917-1989) taught trombone at Florida State University for more than 30 years, starting in the 1950s. He was a founding member of the International Trombone Association, and received their distinguished service award in 1987. Over the course of his distinguished career, he played a major role in the promotion and development of repertoire for his instrument.

Ernst von Dohnányi (in Hungarian, Dohnányi Ernő) (1877-1960) taught piano and composition at FSU from 1949 until his death in 1960. By the time he came to FSU in 1949, he had an international reputation without peer.

James Gunn was a former FSU faculty member and instructor of theory in the 1950s.

Ewald Haun (1891-1939) and Kathryn Reece Haun (1899-1990?); Kathryn, an FSU alumna and Tallahassee resident, was an actress and singer, and her husband was a composer and conductor. The collection consists of 198 items, mostly manuscript scores and parts. Included are compositions by Ewald and Kathryn Haun as well as transcriptions and arrangements of works by other composers.

Wiley L. Housewright (1913-2003) joined the faculty of Florida State University as a professor of music in 1947. He was appointed the third Dean of the FSU School of Music in 1966 and served until his retirement in 1980. The Housewright Archives contain many boxes of personal research, papers, manuscripts and drafts of Dr. Housewright's books about early Florida music. Dr. Housewright collected a number of volumes of collected sheet music in Florida and south Georgia in the course of research for his book A History of Music and Dance in Florida, 1565-1865.

Edward Kilenyi, Jr. (1910-2000) was a Hungarian-American classical pianist and educator of great influence in the 20th century. He was a pupil, friend, and later colleague of Ernst von Dohnányi (1877-1960), Hungarian composer and pianist. Both men served on the faculty at Florida State University (Kilenyi 1953-83; Dohnányi 1949-60), and are considered two of the most influential musicians who ever taught at FSU.

Dale A. Olsen (1941- ) began teaching at the Florida State University School of Music in 1973, became a Distinguished Research Professor in 2001, and retired in 2008 as Professor Emeritus. This collection contains over 800 audio and visual items collected during Dr. Olsen’s career as a researcher and educator from 1965 to 2007.

Ella Scoble Opperman (1873-1969) was the first director of the School of Music at the Florda State College for Women from 1911, and its first dean from 1920 until her retirement in 1944. Opperman was an accomplished pianist and organist and served also as a vocal coach. As an administrator, Opperman established courses leading to the first degree programs at the School of Music. The music library holds a collection of her personal effects and papers; materials pertaining to her role as dean are mostly housed in Special Collections & Archives at Strozier Library.

Albert Tipton (1917-1997) was a flutist and composer who taught at FSU from 1968 to 1975. This collection contains several boxes of reel-to-reel recordings, mostly of himself, including recitals and rehearsals as well as a few commercial recordings.

Charles Henry Turner (1936-2006) was a jazz musician most noted for his position as lead trumpeter for Frank Sinatra during the years 1975-1983. The collection consists principally of scores and personal effects donated by David Brinson and Turner's mother, Norma Turner. The scores are primarily copies of handwritten arrangements of jazz standards made for Sinatra's band.

Howard S. Wilson (1913-1962 or 63) was Associate Professor of Piano at FSU. The collection consists of a folder of memorabilia and 42 compositions, primarily manuscript solo and chamber works.

Franciszek Zachara (1898-1966) was a Polish-American concert pianist, composer, and college music educator. He was born in Poland in 1898, and studied in Saratov and St. Petersburg, Russia. He taught at FSU from 1948 until his death in 1966.

Other Individuals

Curtis Davidson (1913-2001) was a trumpeter from Quincy, Florida who was dedicated to sharing his passion for Dixieland Jazz music throughout the Southeast. The Curtis Davidson Collection comprises a number of recordings in reel-to-reel, cassette, and compact disc format. These recordings document performances of the Curtis Davidson Orchestra and Curtis Davidson and his Southerners from 1930-1980.

Allen Forte (1926-2014) was an influential theorist and musicologist. This collection of theory treatises was for his personal use. He began collecting these items in the early 1950's, and acquisition continued over some two decades. The collection was offered for sale as a whole in the spring of 1998, and was acquired by the library in August of that year. It consists of 49 titles, including first editions of several important 18th-century treatises.

Ferdinand (Ferde) Grofé (1892-1972) was an American born composer/arranger that came from four generations of classical musicians. The Ferde Grofé Audio Collection contains 144 reel-to-reel audio recordings and 47 cassette tape recordings. Many of these recordings are live performances that range from 1936-1968.

Ethan Allen Hitchcock (1798-1870), the grandson of the famed Ethan Allen, was a major figure in American military history. He was also an amateur musician and an avid collector of flute music. A large trunk containing his personal collection of music was discovered in a plantation in Sparta, GA, by FSU flute professor Charles Delaney, who after a more than twenty-year effort negotiated its transfer to the Warren D. Allen Music Library.

Gloria Jahoda (1926-1980) was an author of fiction and non-fiction, including literature for young readers, and is best known for her journalistic histories of Floridian folk culture in the 1960s. This small collection principally contains her personal copies of scores and recordings of Frederick Delius. Special Collections & Archives in Strozier Library holds a larger collection of Jahoda's papers and research notes.

Nathan Lupu (1906–2000) was an American composer who trained in Chicago from 1928-1935 with Danish-born composer and theorist Thorvald Otterström. The collection contains the original manuscripts of his 25 known compositions (written almost exclusively for solo piano), manuscripts and exercises on theory, published works by Thorvald Otterström, and biographical material.

Theodore Newman (1933-1975) was an American composer active in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. This collection is composed of materials collected by the late Kathleen Ciambella, a FSU graduate student, for a thesis that as in progress at the time of her death.

Harold "Hal" Turner, Jr. (1930-2015) was a big band leader and jazz arranger. This collection contains over 330 jazz charts, principally written for 2 trumpets, trombone, 2 altos, tenor & baritone saxes, and four rhythm instruments.

Braille Music: A small collection of Braille music. Braille materials do not appear in our online catalog; however, a complete listing of titles is available.

College of Music Reel-to-Reel Recordings: Approximately 1700 reel-to-reel recordings, principally of performances by FSU faculty and ensembles.

College of Music Scrapbooks: The scrapbook collection consists of 39 volumes primarily concerned with the history of the school School of Music at the Florida State College for Women (1909-1947) and Florida State University (1947-present).

Community Concerts Series Programs: The Community Concerts series began in 1927 as a way to allow people living in small and medium-sized areas across the United States to see high-quality entertainment that, at the time, was mostly available in large metropolitan areas. The library owns a complete run of concert programs from the series, which ended in 2003.

Confederate Sheet Music: In 1987, the Warren D. Allen Music Library acquired a large collection of Confederate sheet music imprints. The collection includes more than 300 items which comprise approximately 40% of all sheet music titles known to have been published in the Confederacy.

Graduate Student Papers: The music library houses a small assortment of uncataloged graduate student papers, ranging in date from 1953-1980.

Orchestral Dance Music: The Orchestral Dance Music Collection comprises donations to the Warren D. Allen Music Library from Charles O. Delaney, George E. Parry, and other donors.

Piano Rolls : The library houses a collection of about 50 piano rolls dating from circa 1915-1930, including performances by Ignace Paderewski, Percy Grainger and Artur Rubenstein.

Floyd, Carlisle. Susannah : a musical drama in 2 acts.
Autograph manuscript, in ink. A gift of the composer to the Florida State University College of Music, on permanent loan to the Warren D. Allen Music Library. SPEC ML96 .F56 S87
Hawkins, Sir John (1719-1789). A General History of the Science and Practice of Music.
London : Printed for T. Payne and son, 1776. In five volumes. SPEC ML159 .H349 1776
Marpurg, Friedrich Wilhelm (1718-1795). Kritische Einleitung in die Geschichte und Lehrsätze der alten und neuen Musik.
Nebst acht Kupfertabellen. Berlin : G. A. Lange, 1759. SPEC ML169 .A2 M35 1759
Aaron, Pietro. Toscanello, Opera Dell'Eccellentiss Musico.
Venetia : Appresso D. Nicolino, 1562. Currently the oldest item in our collection. SPEC ML171 .A12 1562
Fux, Johann Joseph (1660-1741). Gradus ad Parnassum, oder, Anführung zur reglemässigen musialischen Composition....
First German edition. Leipzig : Im Mizlerischen bücherverlag, 1742. SPEC MT40 .F83 G732 1742
Penna, Lorenzo (1613-1693). Del li primi albori musicali per li principianti della musica figurata.
First edition. Bologna : per Giacomo Monti, ad instanza di Marino siluani, 1684. SPEC MT6 .A2 P46 1684
Artusi, Giovanni Maria (d. 1613). L'Artusi overo delle imperfettioni della moderna musica.
First edition. Venetia : G. Vincenti, 1600. SPEC MT55 .A784 A784 1600
Clio and Euterpe : or British harmony ; a collection of celebrated songs and cantatas by the most approv'd masters curiously engrav'd with the thorough bass for the harpsichord and transposition for the German flute.
First edition. London : H. Roberts, 1762. SPEC M1738 .C55 1762
Alfonso X, King of Castile and Leon (1221-1284). Cantigas de Santa Maria. Edición facsímil del códice T.I.1 de la Biblioteca de San Lorenzo el Real de El Escorial.
In two volumes. Madrid : Edilán, c1979. SPEC M2 .A4 1979
Il codice Squarcialupi : Ms. Mediceo Palatino 87, Biblioteca laurenziana di Firenze
Firenze : Giunti Barbèra ; Libreria musicale italiana, c1992. SPEC M2 .S6857 1992
Il codice J.II.9 : Torino, Biblioteca nazionale universitaria.
Lucca : Libreria musicale italina, 1999. SPEC M2 .C6335 1999
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