What is a Reference Kit?

Between classes, rehearsals, work, and other life events, it's not always possible for everyone to make it to our Reference Sessions throughout the semester. Problem solved! Reference Kits are our way of bringing reference to you-when you want it, how you want it. Each kit includes a PowerPoint, presenter notes, and a handout (as well as assessment questions by request). From research to paper writing, professional development to social media, we're here to give you the information you need! Check back often as we continue to add presentations to this collection.

For Faculty and Teaching Assistants

No time in class to discuss issues of citation formatting or research techniques? No problem! Our Reference Kits are designed to help your students when time is tight. Embed these files into your BlackBoard course site or consider giving a presentation yourself in class. These tools are customizable (through Creative Commons licensing) to fit any of your teaching needs. Have an idea that we don't have here yet? Let us know! We'll work on new ones by request.

For Students

Can't quite remember how to properly format your paper that's due tomorrow? Use our handy Reference Kits 24 hours a day to answer your most pressing questions. These tools will give you the highlights of all of our presentations given throughout the year, just in case you can't make it to one of the sessions in person! Still have questions or need some help? Contact Laura Gayle Green for more information or assessment questions to use in the classroom!

Creative Commons

So you've created a nifty presentation, now what? While holding the copyright to your work is very important, the growing online community offers an easier way to disseminate your work around the globe. This presentation discusses the basics of Creative Commons licensing and how you can use it to protect your creative work while sharing it freely with others.

Fair Use in Music

Ever photocopied a book or musical score and wondered about that copyright statement you agree to? In this presentation we briefly look at copyright with the main goal of seeing how materials become available through Fair Use. We are not lawyers, but can provide you with some basic guidelines to help you better understand the ins and outs of Fair Use and other copyright exceptions.

Library Hacks

Want to learn how to best use your library? This presentation will teach you the best tips and tricks for efficiently using the library's services and materials. Including discussions of the library catalog, online resources, and library services, among others, learn the hacks that will help you get the most out of your library!

Managing Your Online Identity

From Facebook to Twitter, Google+ to LinkedIn, your online footprint is everywhere. This presentation discusses how to manage your online presence with handy tips and tricks. Make the Google-you the best representation of yourself!

Professional Documents for Musicians

Are you applying to graduate school or a job and need some ideas about crafting your application? This presentation discusses some of the key factors you should consider as you create these documents so that you can provide the most accurate and positive representation of yourself. Details count!

Research Basics: Managing Your Mountain

Ever feel like starting a new research paper or topic is your own personal Everest? Let us help you start off on the right foot as you ascend your mountain of research materials. Get your gear in order and let us help you blaze a trail through the catalog, databases, and the physical book collection!

Virtual Tour: Allen Music Library

Don't have time to have a complete, in-person tour of the Music Library? Here is a presentation just for you! Take a few moments to explore our space, technology, and services in this brief virtual tour. We are always happy to give an actual tour in the library, but this will get you started.

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