Does the library accept donations?
Yes! See the Gifts & Donations section of our policy page for details.
Something I need is checked out! What can I do?
You can place a recall on the item, which will change its effective due date. To do so, find the item in our online catalog and click the "Place a hold" link in the item's record. For more information, see the Recalls section of our policies page. If the item is not returned in a timely fashion, you can contact the circulation manager (email: AMLCirc@fsu; phone: (850) 644-7068); we may be able to get the item through another library.
Can I use the library even if I'm not a music major?
Yes, anyone is free to use our materials in the library. Any current FSU student, faculty, or staff member can check out items, as can current members of other state univerisities. If you are from another university and have never used your card at FSU, it will need to be activated in our system first; our circulation manager can do that, as can the staff at Strozier Library.