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We know that travel schedules can often be complicated, but we hope that won’t prevent you from attending camp. We can arrange for late arrivals and early departures if needed. Please note that we cannot offer pro-rated camp tuition or housing based on a late arrival or early departure. You will be able to tell us the details of your late arrival or early departure on the Housing and Dining Form which is part of the camp forms packets you will have access to after you are registered.

Arriving Late to Camp

A late arrival means that you know in advance that you will be arriving:

  • on the same day as camp check-in but AFTER the official camp check-in time
    (see your camp description page or handbook  if you are not sure what that day and time is).
  • on a day that is after the official camp check-in day

In these cases, please contact our office to notify us of your expected arrival time.  We will give you instructions about where to go on campus based on the time and day you will be arriving.

Leaving Camp Early

An early departure means that you know in advance that the camper will be leaving one or more days prior to the official end date of camp.

In this case, please contact our office to notify us of the expected departure date and time. We will be able to give you instructions about how and where to pick up your camper.

Attending Multiple Camps

What’s better than coming to a camp at FSU? Coming to MANY camps at FSU!

If you are joining us for more than one camp or sessions this summer, we wanted you to know that:

  • You only need to fill out your supplemental forms once.
  • If your camps are consecutive, you have the option to:

1.  Check-out from the first camp during regular check-out and spend the night off campus.  You would then check in to your next camp during regular camp check-in the next day.

2.  Stay overnight in the dorm between the two camps. You will be brought to check-in for the next camp by one of our counselors. The cost for the night of housing between each session is $50.00. You will be able to sign-up and pay for the extra night using your camp forms which are sent to you after you are registered.

Campers Traveling by Themselves to Camp

Campers may travel to and from camp without a parent. If your camper will be traveling to and/or from camp by themselves or with another family, please keep the following things in mind:

Campers Arriving by Car

If the camper is driving to camp there is no special parking permit needed.  The camper will be able to park in the Southgate Campus Centre parking garage for no charge and will be required to turn in their keys upon check-in.  Overnight campers may not use their cars once they have checked into camp.

Campers Arriving by Bus or Plane

If the camper is arriving by mass transit it is possible that they will have to arrive before or after designated check-in times. We can coordinate an early or late check-in for these campers – just give us a call to let us know. Visit our Travel Services Page for information about our Shuttle Service

Airline reservations for your flight home should be no earlier than 2 HOURS AFTER THE END OF THE FINAL CONCERT. (i.e. if your concert ends at 4pm, do not schedule a flight any earlier than 6pm). Please consult the performance schedule times to be sure that you are leaving ample time.

Discuss the transport of large instruments with your carrier prior to your trip. Please make sure that your camper has plenty of money for any baggage fees which might occur on the trip home. The camps cannot pay for excess baggage fees.

Campers under the age of 14 traveling alone by plane may be considered an “unaccompanied minor” by the airline.  This means that he/she is required to be picked up by a designated individual. The airline may require the name, address & contact information of that person at the time you book the flight.

Preparing Your Camper

Please call us and verify that all of the campers forms are complete and the balance of camp fees has been paid in full before they come to camp.  This will ensure that the camper has a smooth check-in.

Permission to Leave with Another Family

If someone other than the parent(s) on the camp registration will be signing the camper out from camp, you must fill out a Sign-Out Permission Form.