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Students selected for the Honors Jazz Combo will rehearse each day in an honors combo led by an FSU Faculty Member. They will perform their combo pieces on the Friday night concert. Selected students will also receive a $50.00 discount to camp.

How Can I Apply?

To receive this discount, you must:

1.  Register for the Jazz Ensemble Camp  (You must be a registered camper, or on a wait list, to have your audition considered).

2.  Submit an audition per the instructions below by March 20, 2022.  

3.  Everyone who auditions will receive an email with their decision.  If you are selected, you will be notified and, once you confirm that you do want the spot, the discount will be automatically deducted from your account balance. (If you are already paid in full you will receive a refund of $50.00) 

Audition Requirements

Audition applications are done online. Please do not send us audition applications or materials via email.

You will be required to complete the following:

  • An application form that asks general questions about the camper and questions about your audition.
  • Upload a brief, 1-page resumé of your playing experience. This may include school experience, special performances, other camps you have attended, private lesson experience and any other pertinent musical details. Click here for a sample.
  • Provide a link to a YouTube, Vimeo, or other video hosting platform of you playing the material listed below that is applicable to your instrument.  In order to avoid copyright issues, you can set your video to “Unlisted” on YouTube which will still enable us to view it via the link you provide.    

InstrumentMaterial To Record
Drummers1.  Play swing time for 1 minute at quarter note = 60, 90, 120
2.  Demonstrate two rudiments – 5 stroke roll and flam paradiddles
3.  Play a swing standard of your choice and solo for 1 or 2 choruses (can be with a live group or a backing track).
4.  Play a Latin standard of your choice and solo  for 1 or 2 choruses (can be with a live group or a backing track).
SaxophonesPlay the melody and solo for 2 choruses of :
Billies Bounce – Charlie Parker
There Will Never be Another You – Harry Warren
Recordame – Joe Henderson.  

Playing along to a backing track is recommended.
Trombones1.  Play three choruses of F blues
2.  Play the melody and two choruses of There Will Never be Another

Playing with a backing track is recommended.
Bass1. Play this provided audition piece as written.
2. Play any medium or up-tempo jazz standard of your choice. You will play the melody, take a two chorus solo and play the melody out. You must play this without accompaniment.  Here are some possible choices for your bass solo: Autumn Leaves, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, All The Things You Are, I Cover The Waterfront, If I Should Lose You, In Walked Bud.
3. Play a three octave G Major scale.
PianoFor this provided audition piece:  play the melody with chords, then take a solo on the chord changes.
Play at 108 to the half note.
TrumpetPlay the melody to Joy Spring; the tempo should be quarter note equals 142. Start at 10 and play all the way to the 1st ending. Please play it down once and then improvise as well. You can play over a Jamey Aebersold play along track, or have a pianist or bassist or full trio accompany you.
GuitarPlay a performance of “How High The Moon” (Key of G Major) as follows below.  The music can be found in the Hal Leonard Real Book.  Play the melody followed by comping (one chorus), a solo (one chorus) and then play the melody out to end the piece. The tempo for “How High The Moon” is… the quarter note = 200. The student will also play the following scales two octaves:

Quarter Note = 160
G Major Scale 
D Major Bebop Scale
E Natural Minor Scale

Audition Review

You will be notified of our decision via email on or around April 8, 2022. All applicants will receive an email regardless of the audition results.