CCC-logo_infoboximage.jpgThe FSU Capital Children's choir will reconvene on Zoom starting Monday, January 25, 2021. There will be no cost to participate this semester! I hope we get many participants as I have new teachers and volunteers that are excited to work with you! Please complete the following form if your child will be attending: Spring 2021 sign-up


The Capital Children’s Choir is a community outreach program for children in Kindergarten through Eighth grade which is sponsored by the College of Music at Florida State University. For more than twenty years, the program has focused on teaching good singing techniques and music to children in a noncompetitive atmosphere. Specifically, children in the choir will learn how to:

  • sing using healthy vocal technique and posture
  • prepare to sing using age-appropriate vocal and physical warm-ups
  • use solfege and Curwen hand signs to understand music
  • sing a variety of music styles in English
  • sing world music selections in several other languages

There are no auditions and no music reading skills needed to participate. Everyone who comes to sing is welcome!

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The Director

The Director of the Capital Children’s Choir program is Dr. Suzanne Rita Byrnes who is a member of the Music Education faculty at FSU. Dr. Byrnes hails from Ottawa, Canada and was the director of the Kansas City Children’s Chorus for 12 years. Graduate and undergraduate music majors at FSU also assist and lead the choirs in various activities.

Dr. Byrnes can be reached by e-mail at

The Choirs

There are three choirs within the program. Each is based on the developmental, academic, and musical needs of the children.

  • Garnet Choir – children in Kindergarten and First Grade.
    • Children do not need to have music or language reading skills to participate.
    • Children must be enrolled in Kindergarten in order to qualify for this choir.
  • Gold Choir – children in grades 2-4.
    • Children will be expected to have language reading skills to participate. However, music reading skills are not required.
  • Seminole Singers – children in grades 5-8.
    • Children will be expected to have language reading skills to participate. However, music reading skills are not required.

These are treble choirs. Therefore, enrollment is open to girls as well as boys who haven’t started the voice change. The Gold and Seminole Choirs will also work and perform joint repertoire.

When and where do the choirs meet?


The Garnet Choir (K-1) 5:00-5:45 pm
The Gold Choir (2-4) 6:00-7:15 pm
The Seminole Singers (5-8) 6:00-7:15 pm


There will be no cost to participate in the virtual choir this semester (SPRING 2021)! 

Please complete the following form if your child will be participating this fall: Spring 2021 sign-up

Invite a Friend!

If you have friends who would like to sing, please invite them to join! We welcome all new singers, so tell your friends about our program and direct them to our website.



Capital Children's Choir

SPRING 2021 Calendar
**CCC follows the Leon County Schools Calendar for holidays/breaks**
Date Details
25 First Rehearsal (1); Grades K-1, 5 p.m.; Grades 2-8, 6 p.m. on Zoom (Registration link above.)
1 Regular rehearsal (2)
8 Regular rehearsal (3)
15 Presidents Day Holiday (district-wide) – NO REHEARSAL
22 Regular rehearsal (4)
1 Regular rehearsal (5)
8 Regular Rehearsal (6) 
15 Spring Break Holiday (district-wide) – NO REHEARSAL
22 Regular Rehearsal (7)
29 Regular Rehearsal (8)
5 Teacher Planning (district-wide) – NO REHEARSA
12 Final rehearsal (wrap up) and “Informance” submission

Parking and Drop Off





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