Monday, June 20, 2022

Sounds of Summer: Studio Orchestra Recap

On June 11, the Studio Orchestra at FSU performed a "screen spectacular" of fan-favorite film and video game music in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall. The performance, made possible by a partnership with the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship and the College of Motion Picture Arts, blended audio and visual elements to create a unique presentation unlike anything that the College of Music has done before. 

Student directors from the College of Motion Picture Arts and student composers from the College of Music worked together to create and record film scores for two student films: The Barmaid and the Serpent by Rose Louise Hoover; score by Justine de Saint Mars and Siren’s Call by Megan Baer; score by Michael Andrew Creighton. Together, these film directors and composers collaborated to create film scores that matched the look and feel of their respective films. These scores were then given to the Studio Orchestra that held recording sessions with the Commercial Music department to record and mix the scores to create tracks for the films. This is the first time the College of Music has ever produced something like this and, from the reception at the concert, it was a roaring success. 

This summer's foray into interdisciplinary collaboration was an unqualified success. The energy both onstage and in the audience was electric as students performed the music they fell in love with years ago, finally fulfilling their childhood dreams of performing movie music. The audience adored the nostalgic music and innovative “live” student films. 

Through the herculean efforts of the Studio Orchestra’s executive board, collaboration between three colleges within FSU, and a wonderfully dedicated hall staff, the Studio Orchestra presented a performance no one will soon forget.

"Seeing the Studio Orchestra at FSU come to live was a surreal experience," says Nathan Haines, President and Music Director of the Studio Orchestra. "Everyone who participated - from the student performers, to the recording engineers, to the leadership team - was 100 percent committed to the ensemble's success. Their love for the music we were creating and performing was contagious, and I was introduced to music I never would have encountered. It was amazing to have a place to share our talents and passion for these artforms that we've grown up with. I can't wait to see where we go next!"

The future looks bright for the Studio Orchestra at FSU and they hope to put on many, many more concerts.