Friday, August 23, 2013

The Modern Jazz Generation

Renowned jazz pianist Marcus Roberts will appear with his new band, The Modern Jazz Generation, in a free concert at Ruby Diamond Concert Hall on Thursday, August 29. The FSU College of Music alumnus and faculty member will present original compositions from his current recording project, "Romance, Swing, and the Blues."

"Romance, Swing, and the Blues" is a project that was commissioned of Roberts by Jazz at Lincoln Center in 1993; originally for nonet (9 pieces), Roberts has updated it to be performed by a twelve-person ensemble.

“There were things that I wanted to change about it,” Roberts admits, “and with growing numbers of talented young musicians from Florida State, I decided it was time to do it and to make a place for them. I set about revising the piece and expanding it by adding movements and other musicians. In October of 2012, we presented this work at Jazz at Lincoln Center in an expanded form with 12 musicians.”

“This concert in New York led to the formation of a new band that we are calling "The Modern Jazz Generation." We used the term “modern” to reflect the true cultural relevance of the group and our music to this time in history. Great jazz is of the people and for the people. And in that sense, all great jazz is modern. The “Modern Jazz Generation” has three generations of musicians on the stage, reflecting our belief in the fundamental importance of cross-generational mentoring and interaction in jazz music.”

In addition to the Trio members (Marcus Roberts, piano; Rodney Jordan, bass; Jason Marsalis, drums), The Modern Jazz Generation is: Joe Goldberg, clarinet & alto saxophone; Stephen Riley, tenor saxophone; Ricardo Pascal, tenor & soprano saxophone; Tissa Khosla, baritone saxophone; Marcus Printup, trumpet; Alphonso Horne, trumpet; Tim Blackmon, trumpet; Ron Westray, trombone; Caleb Mason, trombone.

60 Minutes will be on hand for the performance, filming segments for an upcoming profile on Roberts. According to Roberts, the 60 Minutes feature will focus on his childhood, the loss of his sight, his introduction to music, and his growth as a performer and educator.

While the performance is free, tickets are required (limit 10 per person). For more information, please visit the College of Music Box Office.

*Please Note:  There are no more tickets available for this concert......all tickets have been given out.


Please note: the start time of the concert was incorrectly listed in the Tallahassee Democrat’s Limelight; the correct start time for the concert is Thursday, August 29 at 7:30 PM in Ruby Diamond Concert Hall.