Friday, September 1, 2017

Marching With the Times

The Florida State University Marching Chiefs are “going green” 


In the past, it has taken about 200,000 sheets of paper in order to supply the members of the FSU Marching Chiefs with their annual drill charts and musical parts for their instruments. But not this year! Dr. Patrick Dunnigan, Professor of Music and Director of Bands, has decided to have members of the Chiefs use their smart phones or tablets to access most of their marching materials. Band members will mount their smart phones or tablets onto their instruments using a recently developed, purpose-built attachment called the “eFlip,” which was invented by marching band students at LSU. Once on their instruments, phones and small tablets can be used to access PDF copies of music, which will be stored on the cloud for members of the Chiefs. Gone will be the flip chart, familiar to generations of marching band members, with its individual printed or photocopied miniature sheets of music.

Furthermore, Dunnigan is moving the Chiefs’ drill charts from paper copies to a digital mode by adopting an app known as “Ultimate Drill Book”. The app allows each member of the band to follow her or his unique part in the marching formations, from point to point, all on their smart phones or tablets. 

By using these new technologies, Dunnigan estimates that the Marching Chiefs will eliminate between 85% and 90% of their paper consumption compared to prior years.