Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ligeti Festival

During the ninetieth anniversary year of his birth, the >igeti 2013 Symposium and Festival at the FSU College of Music will bring together performers, scholars, students, faculty, and members of the community to celebrate the diverse and multi-faceted contributions of György Ligeti by listening to, discussing, and reveling in his music.

Born in 1923 in Târnăveni, Romania, György Ligeti earned his place as one of the most outstanding composers of the second half of the twentieth century, composing masterpieces of choral and orchestral music, concertos, exquisite chamber music, keyboard solo works, and a spectacle of an opera. His compositional influences span from early contrapuntal music, including works of Machaut and Ockeghem, to late 20th-century avant-garde styles, electronic music, and minimalism, and embrace both Western art music and a variety of world musics, from Transylvanian folk songs to the hocket of the Aka pygmies of the Congo, and Cuban dance music to Indonesian gamelan.

The Symposium portion of the weekend will feature twenty-two presentations and lecture recitals, including featured presentations by Louise Duchesneau, Lukas Ligeti, and Richard Steinitz. The Festival portion will feature five concerts covering music from throughout György Ligeti's career. Among the works to be performed are Piano Etudes (complete), Horn Trio, Three Pieces for Two Pianos, Concert Românesc, Volumina, Continuum, String Quartet No. 1, Musica Ricercata, Cello Sonata, and Six Bagatelles, as well as works by Lukas Ligeti and Stephen Taylor. Featured artists for the concert include Jihye Chang, David Kalhous, Greg Sauer, and Ben Sung, along with performances by the Eppes String Quartet, the Singularity Saxophone Quartet, the University Symphony Orchestra and FSU Early Music Ensemble.