Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kossler Wins International Guitar Competition

Doctoral candidate Adam Kossler, 1st place winner of this year's Texas International Guitar Competition.

Doctoral candidate Adam Kossler was the 1st place winner at the annual Texas International Guitar Competition held in early March. This year the Dallas-based competition showcased some of the finest classical guitar students in the world, including fifteen semi-finalists from countries including Bosnia, Germany, Croatia, Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Semi-finalists were invited to perform based on recordings sent in during a preliminary round. After taking 2nd place in this competition last year, Adam is honored to receive the grand prize this year which includes a $3000 cash prize, a generous gift package from the Savarez String Company, and an invitation to return to the festival in the future as a laureate artist.

Past winners of this competition, including Grammy nominee Marco Sartor of Uruguay, have gone on to great success in the realm of classical guitar, and Adam hopes to do the same. “It feels great to be in such company,” he proclaimed. “Winning this competition is valuable for a number of reasons. Cash prizes are tremendously helpful for the starving graduate student, but more importantly, this win has stimulated quite a bit of attention for the performing career I will embark upon after my graduation. I have already booked a number of concerts because of my success at this event, and creating a performing career is really what it’s all about.”

Bruce Holzman, Associate Professor of Guitar and Adam’s instructor, has nothing but praise for Mr. Kossler’s talents. “Adam is one of the finest players of his generation. His playing is characterized by a virtuoso technique, beautiful sound and a sincere musicality.”