Thursday, July 16, 2015

Kahre 2015 Grammy

While in high school, Tom Kahre was a member of the school choir, sang baritone in an award-winning barbershop quartet, and participated in a combined choir that performed Mozart's Requiem at Carnegie Hall in New York City. As much as he loved performance, however, Tom knew that the industry side of music was where he wanted to be.

“I applied to only one college: Florida State University. If I wasn't going to be a Seminole, I wasn't going to be anything. Thankfully I got to be a ’Nole!”

Tom initially applied to – and was accepted into – the FSU College of Business.

“I wasn't aware of the Commercial Music program when I applied for school. I declared business as my major, thinking that I would learn all about business with a focus on the music industry.”

During the summer of his freshman year, Tom discovered the Commercial Music program at the College of Music and immediately auditioned, relying on his early vocal training to secure his admission to the program.

“Luckily, no time was lost, since the Commercial Music degree required a business minor, and the classes I took my freshman year just happened to be the classes needed for a business minor. Everything worked out as if it was meant to be.”

During his senior year, Tom was able to use connections made within the College of Music to secure an internship (required of all Commercial Music majors) with Los Angeles-based award-winning engineer/record producer, Rob Chiarelli.

“It changed my life. I completed my internship, flew to back for graduation and then headed back to LA where Rob hired me to stay on as his assistant engineer. One of the first projects our team took on was "Help" by Erica Campbell.”

The album debuted at number 1 on the US Billboard Gospel Albums chart and number 6 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 23,000 copies. The album also won the Grammy Award for Best Gospel Album at the 57th Grammy Awards.

“The foundation laid during my time at FSU, I can honestly say, is the reason I've made it this far, and this isn't the end.”

Tom is currently a freelance engineer for Paramount Recording Group, working with artists such as Sammy Adams, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, Teeflii and Chevy Woods, and producers Detail (“Drunk in Love” – Beyonce, “We Dem Boyz” - Wiz Khalifa, “How to Love” - Lil Wayne), Bangladesh (“A Mili” - Lil Wayne, “What's Your Fantasy” - Ludacris, “Lemonade” - Gucci Mane) and Mike Will Made It (“We Can't  Stop” - Miley Cyrus,  “Pour It Up” - Rihanna,  “Bandz a Make Her Dance” - Juicy J), among others.